Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Little Peek into My Back Yard

I have really enjoyed the view out into my back yard and little flower bed this spring. My most exciting moment was seeing this male indigo bunting on my feeder. These birds only stay for a day or so, so to see him actually land and feed was a real

This next little fellow has been spotted a few times waddling between my DH's two work he is behind our dinghy stored at the edge of our yard. I took both these pictures from inside the house, through a window and a screen, so they are not real clear. Cute, but I don't want him around my house!!!

Here is a beautiful tulip, just one of several in an array of pinks and oranges. Mine always seem to bloom late, so I am still enjoying them.
Thanks for visiting my Pennsylvania back yard with me!


Wendy said...

I enjoyed seeing your PA backyard! I've never seen a bird like the one you have in the picture but isn't he such a pretty color. And your tulips...WOW, so beautiful!


peanutbee said...

Awww, that little blue bird is bright blue! He would definitely have my attention through the window too.