Friday, May 23, 2008

Awards, Awards!!!

Well, my sweet friend Wendy over at WeeBee Stampin has gone award crazy! She has passed on two awards to me:

Kreativ Blogger Award.bmp yourockmysocksawardMPM.bmp

I guess you could say these awards are like two sides of a coin--one side is sweet, the other sassy! Don't we all have two sides like that!!?? Anyway, here are my fellow stampers to whom I am passing on these awards. Make sure you check them out & give them a few words of encouragement!

Give yourself some time to visit their blogs and enjoy their creativity! Thanks for visiting me today, too!


Lauren said...


Wendy said...

LOL Oh LeAnne, your so funny! I had to chuckle when you said these awards are like 2 sweet & one sassy! Wonder which one I am? I know your the sweet one! :)
Anyways, you so deserve both awards. I love your blog & all your idea's you share everyday! Keep up the wonderful work!

Have a great weekend!

Joanne B. said...

LeAnne, thank ou SO much for the awards and for the link to your blog. I'm off to surf around! What cute stuff you have!

Thanks so much, and have a truly wonderful weekend!

KimberlyG said...

Congratulations on your award LeAnne! I love your work and enjoy reading your blog! Thank you so very much for giving this honor to me! I truly appreciate your kindness! :D