Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wedding in the Rain

Well, we got through the wedding, and despite torrential winds & rain, it went fairly well.  I won’t bore you with tons of details, but here are a few photos.


Dana’s bridesmaid Amanda, and Dana - almost ready!  They have been planning this since fifth grade!


In the dressing room…..


The happy couple!


The first dance……


Cake in the face---yes, they were not nicey-nicey!!!


My sisters Gail, Joyce and me


Dana & her stepdad John


Me and my new “son” Charlie!


The last tired dance…..

The only sad part of the day was that Charlie’s mom is very ill and could not attend….and the doctors have not quite figured out whether she is having complications from a recent appendicitis event or something else….so prayers would be appreciated.  Dana & I are both very weepy and emotional today…..has anyone else experienced that?  I was not quite prepared for the letdown, I guess.  Hopefully we’ll be back on track tomorrow.  And I thank all of you for your wonderful sentiments and well-wishes.  They are such a blessing!


  1. LeAnne, the pics are fabulous! Dana looks so happy!! I totally remember the "let down" the next day. All that planning and excitement...and it's over so very fast! Chin up, your first grandbaby will be here to fill your heart before you know it!! ;o) *hugs & kisses* Love you!!

  2. Oh they look so happy! I'm glad that all went well in spite of the weather being so uncooperative. I will be sure to keep Charlie's mother in my thoughts. ~chris

  3. These are great pictures LeAnne! Your daughter looks beautiful!

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  5. Your daughter is gorgeous and the hubby has some striking blue eyes! The dress is adorable, you did a great job! Thanks for sharing the photos. Glad to hear everything went well, for the most part. Charlie's mom will be in my prayers.

  6. LeAnne,I didn't realize you had a wedding this weekend and yet you still found time to email me about the CTD challenge! You daughter looks gorgeous and had your beautiful smile! Thanks so much for sharing the phots with us! What a beautiful bride and wedding! Hopefully, you can relax today. :)

  7. I should proofread before hitting "publish"! she HAS your beautiful smile! :) :) :)

  8. p.s. i think the feeling of "letdown" can be attributed to mental exhaustion from all the planning and preparation to have the perfect wedding. It sounds like you had a few other issues to add to the, MIL sick, etc. Once you get some rest and see the sunshine, you'll feel much better! Hugs & Smiles, my friend! :)

  9. Congratulations! A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! I haven't had a daughter get married {yet} but my guess would be that it is natural and merely the endorphin letdown from all the busyness and excitement. Thanks for sharing your family's special day.

  10. What a beautiful family you all are!

  11. What a beautiful couple!! And what fab pictures for your wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing with us! All the best ~

  12. LeAnne,

    Your daughter is beautiful! They both look so happy! Congrats on the big day, thank you for sharing the pictures.

    Lesley :)

  13. What a beautiful, happy looking bride and groom. The mother isn't too shabby either! Glad everything went fine and the 'other mother' gets well soon.

  14. Lovely pictures - your daughter is just beautiful - there's that glow!!! Also fun to see your sisters! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us - you're family ya know! And yes "weepy" is to be expected after all the work to pull off a wedding. Sending you blessings and peace this week

  15. When your daughter gets married it changes your role in life, and a new chapter begins. God has brought you this far and he won't abandon you now. Jeremiah 29:11. (p.s. Dana is stunning) -Cheryl M.

  16. Very beautiful pictures LeAnne, I'm glad everything went well and I hope you're over the weepy feeling tomorrow! :-)

  17. What beautiful pictures! Love the joy you can see in everyone's faces - will be praying!

  18. TFS these great pictures! Your daughter was just beaming and she and her new hubby look so happy! You and your sisters look so much alike, what a great-looking family you have!! It's a shame Charlie's mother was too ill to attend, but at least she'll have some great photos to remember the moment!
    Now sit back, put up your feet and take a deep breath! Job well done!! :D

  19. Absolutely GORGEOUS photos, LeAnne! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  20. LeAnne, your daughter was a gorgeous Bride! I know that I, one day too, will be a weepy Mother at my daughter's wedding, heck I will be weeping at my son's wedding! Who's kidding who! Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for you - but tell you daughter this... at my wedding in May way back when, at 7 pm in the evening it was SO HOT and HUMID that 3 of my wedding party fainted!!!! Yes that would be 3 you read that correctly! And one was a guy! No one has control over Mother Nature and you just keep on going - thankfully, we had one hilarious Minister and he managed to get everyone laughing and relaxed and then we moved on to an air-conditioned dinner and dance which was wonderful! AND we are still married after 24 years!!! :0
    Oh, and LeAnne, I love your beautiful card too!!!

  21. Oh wow, girl, awesome pictures. You all look so beautiful and so handsome...and so happy!!

    Oh yeah, I remember the let down. I lived, ate, breathed, and slept wedding plans for a all the sudden there wasn't anything to do. It'll pass..just give it time. :)

  22. Those pics are so beautiful! You and your sisters and of course the stunning bride!

    I hope Charlies mom is doing better-how sad to have missed the wedding. You have lovely photo's to share with her though.

  23. Beautiful pictures, LeAnne! You are a lovely mother-of-the-bride!

  24. Best Wishes to the new Bride and Congratulations to the Groom!
    The wedding looks like it was a lovely event (well, except for the cake eating part).
    Congratulations to you LeAnne - well done!


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