Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Sweet Thing

Sewing and crafts are other creative outlets I have, so I often scope out the blogs of some amazing souls out there, Gwenny Penny being one of my favorites.  I made this card because I loved her blog header so much!  Now she is choosing various artists to “spotlight” each week and for her first one, she chose me!  Please go check out her post here and tell her I sent you!!!  And while you’re there, be sure to check out all her fabulous creations… does my heart good to see younger moms who love to sew and make their house a home with their creativity!  Thanks, Gwen!


  1. You BET I will, you crafty baby! Yipeeee & YEAHOOOO for you! xoxo!

  2. Leanne, first congratulations and that is really, REALLY cool. But second, and most importantly, I don't know how I missed the spool of thread card. It is gorgeous and with your permission, I'm going to CASE it from you. I just love it!!

    I stopped by Gwenny Penny blog and I love it. Thank you for pointing me in that direction. I've just added her link to my sewing/craft blog favorites to follow.

    WOO HOOOO!! This is a very neat thing!

  3. Wahoooooo - how fun is this!!!

  4. Well of course she picked you. Your are the best out there. Congratulations that is wonderful and your deserve it hands down.
    I just was at a stamp class and ordered the spool stamp. Now I am off to a second one. Two different ladies. Two different towns.
    Big Hugs!

  5. Woohoo for you, LeAnne! But geesh... now there's ANOTHER blog I have to add to my Reader! What cute stuff she's got to share!

  6. Congratulations LeAnne you deserve it, your blog is so ispirig every day, not to mention brings a smile to my face with the pics of your precious granddaughter!

  7. LeAnne, you are so sweet and so talented. Thank you so much for letting me feature your work and your blog and for sending your readers my way.


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