Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CAS Christmas Stamp Camp Cards


Happy Wednesday, peeps!  I am paying the price for this wonderful fall weather with some icky allergy symptoms that have me down low….so today I am just sharing the cards we made earlier this week at my Christmas card stamp camp.  As usual, they are very simple, but still pretty and fun to make:





All stamps are SU except for the last one.  If you need details, EMAIL me, as I am making this short & sweet today!  Hope you understand!

Cheesin’ it up at Pizza Hut!


Enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks for sharing your stamp camp cards, LeAnne. I don't do mine until November but I'm always looking for ideas. Feel better, hugs!

  2. OH feel better you poor girl. I am feeling a little sore throat coming on to. Gotta love Fall. And it is my favorite time of year.
    Your cards are great like always. I really like the second one. Very very cool
    Rest and feel better.

  3. I can appreciate short and sweet! Some great cards. The green poinsettia on vellum...stunning! Hope you get some relief!

  4. Awwww I hope you feel better, the rag weed is a bugger huh. Cute display of cards today LeAnne. Sweet little Cassidy's giggles should perk you right up ;)

  5. These cards are so pretty. Love the 2nd one and the Poinsettia on the 3rd one. The snowmen DP on the last one are adorable.
    So sorry to hear you allergies are making you feel bad. Take care of yourself........I'm praying you'll feel better very quickly.

  6. great cards! love those snowmen!

  7. You make the bestChristmas cards! And I adore baby teeth smiles!

  8. Great cards! I love subway art one- great design and fun color! Cute photo of Cassidy.


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