Saturday, September 28, 2013

Toxic Treats Halloween Bags


Happy Saturday, peeps!  I won’t bore you with the long drawn-out story of how this project finally came about, but I will tell you it was fraught with mishaps, trials & errors, and plain stupidity on my part.  BUT….it is finished!  Not quite how I envisioned it, but I can say that I actually finished something I started!  It all began when I saw this fun project on the My Digital Studio blog (I hope you can see it HERE).  I had a plain tote bag in my stash so I thought it would fun to make a Trick or Treat bag for Cassidy.  I purchased the Toxic Treats Designer Template and after many attempts, this is the final project:


As you can see, the transfer paper didn’t always cooperate with me (upper left corner):


This part is a little better:


Different fabrics really take this particular transfer paper differently!  I had gotten some of the muslin bags from the Holiday mini, so I shrunk the project down and made a treat bag:



Here are a couple of SU samples of treat bags…..again, I think my transfer paper is not the best after seeing theirs.  And I will let you in on just ONE of my epic fails during this whole project creation:


Yes, I managed to iron on the transfer UPSIDE DOWN!  So I added the “Trick or” at the top and did another one on the other side:


A wee bit of a save to my epic fail!  I think I will try another brand of transfer paper for my next project…IF there is a next one!   Enjoy!

Poor Cassidy has a nasty cold….she fell asleep sitting up on the couch:


She is so rarely sick, we hardly know how to make her feel better!  It would be better if she could learn to blow her nose OUT!


Brenda in IN said...

The treat bag is cute and she will love it. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has done something upside down. I once made a card I dearly loved only to find I had it turned upside down. I was able to cut off the front and save it. You know what they say "measure twice and cut once". Guess there is a reason for that saying!

Linda said...

OH my goodness this is so sweet. Even the upside down one. That makes it more spooky.
I am going to check out how to do this.
Poor little girl. She may have that fall thing too. Every September I get a cold. I hope she is better soon.

Bev Gomez said...

Good morning LeAnne, darling bag. Dang I need to come visit for a couple of weeks so you can teach me MDS. LOL! Darling bag and hope Cassidy gets better soon Sleep is good for her though. Hugs, Bev

Dawn Tidd said...

The end result is adorable! I understand your pain with the transfers though. Last Christmas I ruined 3 long sleeve tee shirts doing those. I still haven't found a great transfer paper. I kept the shirts to practice on! :)

Frenchie said...

Ooh poor Cassady , hug her tight for us ,
And wish her well , and she gets better soon
And I love your bag so cute !!!
Hugs to all you , stay well !!

Darlene Gabriel said...

Oh the poor sweet thing....I hope she feels better very quickly.
Fun projects today.......sorry about the upside down one, but I love how you added the "Trick Or" to make it look just like you intended to do it that way. Cassidy will love her treat bag.
Have a great weekend. It's cool and rainy here today.

Kara said...

So cute!! Love ur little trick ;)

Tracey McNeely said...

Fun fun projects LeAnne, I have not used iron on transfer paper much other than to create T-shirts for the kids. Hope Cassidy is back to running around again really soon--hugs!

lisa808 said...

Cute bags. Love your 'save' on the last one.

Hope Cassidy feels better soon. Colds are so miserable.

Carol L said...

Now that's what I call a great save!! They always tell me there are no mistakes in stamping, and you just proved it!! How clever! Poor Cassidy, I hope she's feeling chipper real soon!

Bananastamper said...

Such a fun and fabulous project! It sounds like quite the adventure for sure!
Poor Cassidy -it is that time of year! It has been going through our house too. What seems to help my youngest is a room spray that we purchased at the pharmacy that contains menthol and eucalyptus I think - it smells a bit like Vick's. I don't know how much it truly helps, it might be psychological, but he likes it and it seems to help him settle when he wakes up and has trouble getting back to sleep. There is so little you can do for a cold, but that and the humidifier seems to help a bit. He is also learning to use a Neti pot which can be a big help, but I think Cassidy may be too young yet.
Anyhow, great project - I'm sure she will be so excited about it!
Shanna :)

jengd said...

Great bag- quite a task getting there but it looks wonderful!! Hope Cassidy's feeling better soon!

Lisa said...

Your bags turned out cute LeAnne and the epic fail is a GREAT save!! Trust're not alone on the goof ups!! Poor little baby, hope she feels better soon ;)

Katherine said...

Thanks for sharing your transfer projects- I love trying this, and know well the nuisance of a goof up, but you did a great job making it work with the Trick bag!