Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Birds

This is an almost 100%-non-stamping-related post, so if birds and/or snow don’t interest you, just move on.  It is snowing like crazy here todayin SE Pennsylvania, on top of the 24” we got over the weekend.  The birds are flocking around my feeder because there just isn’t anywhere else to find food!  This was taken a day or so ago, right through my front window, where I have holly bushes.  The bird shown is a yellow-shafted flicker.  Normally they are ground feeders, but in the winter when there is not much food, or snow on the ground, they love to decimate my holly bushes!!



Their markings are very unusual---spotted breast, yellow under their tail, black bib, red mark on the back of the head; they are part of the woodpecker family.  They have a very distinctive high-pitched, shrill cry, too, so you always know when one is around.  Here’s another shot of one on my suet feeder, along with a Northern cardinal on the ground:



Isn’t he a sharp-looking fellow?  Or maybe it’s a female, I’m not sure!  They NEVER come this close to the house, so to see them like this is a real treat!  Here’s a cute little sparrow:


This one is a white-throated sparrow, I can tell by the yellow spot near his eye.  Here he is again, different angle:


And how about nature imitating art?  Here is a card I posted a couple weeks ago:


Now look at this photo:


Cool, huh?  Here’s a better cardinal photo; this one was taken from my kitchen through the window screen:


I am surprised that the birds that usually frequent the feeder, the chickadees and nuthatches, are not around!  Hunkering down in the storm, I guess.

And one last one; no birds, but the bell, angel and my little church are totally “painted” white:


I know that lots of people complain about the snow, but there is really nothing we can do about it!  Take it easy, don’t stress…the Lord is in control!


Sylvia said...

LeAnne, These pictures are awesome! I will send you a few pictures from Trinidad New Year's Day 2008(?). We had 5' in my driveway and on the road! I had wondered how you were doing! And the birds, they are beautiful. I was house bound, but I got all the old bread that I save and kept crumbling it up and throwing it out after I threw out all the birdseed I had. My cats loved sitting at the glass door watching the birds. The cats did not like being couped up! Have a wonderful day!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

This snow is DEFINITELY crazy! Oh my word...there's SOOO much and there's still at least another six hours to go.

Your pictures are so pretty! Great photography skills there, girlie.

Jennifer said...

LeAnne, your photographs are gorgeous. I love seeing the bird photos and the snow?...well...the snow we deal with daily so that isn't unusual up here in the great white north. LOL But your birds are amazing and I enjoyed reading about them and learning some new things. I look forward to more photos, as well as your cards!

Patti J said...

LeeAnne, your pictures are just beautiful! Those birds have such unique markings, and I love the Cardinal photos! Your card is gorgeous too, of course!!! TFS! DD lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, so we've been to your area! It's beautiful with or without snow!

Wendie aka Tankergypsie said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Love your card too!

lynn said...

loved the pictures.. and yes so true .. the lord is in control..
how beautiful the birds are.. the red is so gorgeous against the white

Juanita said...

I like a fresh blanket of snow, I just don't care for it to be 3 feet thick!
I love how your life is imitating your art, that is such a stunning photo.
Cuddle up and create, there is not much else to do when you are in the middle of a big snow storm. Take care of yourself.

My lifes inky escape and more said...

LeAnne these pictures are gorgeous! You captured everything perfectly and they are stunning! Great job!

Kristie said...

Fabulous pictures! The card fits the weather perfectly :)

Doris said...

Love how your card matches the scene outside your window! I'm using the blizzard as an opportunity to purge and reorganize my stamping tower AGAIN. It's really coming down harder now, so we're really in for it. Thankfully, we have someone who comes to plow our driveway (which is steep) so we do enjoy the beauty of all the freshly fallen snow without having to worry about getting out later. The township plows have been out, but they're barely keeping up with it. I just hope we don't lose power when the winds get stronger. Meanwhile, as soon as I finish reorganizing, I'll be starting on my March birthday list!

Georgette said...

Oh my goodness. You have captured what I am trying to see outside my kitchen window all day. I thought I would see at least one cardinal. Nothing so far. However, you should see the icicles that have formed all around my house. A couple have almost reached the ground. They really are quite amazing.

Broni said...

Those are gorgeous photos, LeAnne! Love that beautiful flicker. (Probably a male because of the distinct markings!) I wish we saw those here.

mudmaven said...

Absolutely stunning pictures LeAnne! What gorgeous sights you see out your windows and thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us. Your card is perfect with this photo shoot too! Hope you are able to stay warm and dry. I am hearing from friends and family all along the coast that it is truly the best/worst they have ever seen. My dc office has been closed since last week! ~chris

Elaine M said...

Wonderful pictures!! Makes me cold just looking at them - giggle. Poor little birds - glad they have you looking out for them. Thanks for sharing - hugs

Corie said...

Love all the pictures and your card. I am trying to keep a positive attitude about the snow!! We have been feeding the birds off the deck, 'cuz we can't get around back to the woods.

Diane said...

Oh...what cool pictures you captured of these poor little creatures. I'm so glad to see you're feeding them. Gorgeous photos! Love the diversion from stampin' but I'm headin' right on past this post to see more goodies too!!

Kristin Bueter said...

Oh my gosh, LeAnne, this is one of my favorite posts ever ♥ I love the pictures you captured of the sweet birds you are helping to tough out this harsh winter! You make me want to put up some feeders in the midst of all this snow! My neighbor is actually feeding all of the birds in the neighborhood so I don't feel too bad. You really know your birds, huh? You remind me of my uncle, he's a professional wildlife photographer and takes amazing photos because he becomes one with nature over weeks of living with the animals. He knows so much about wildlife, I'm just mesmerized by his stories.

Beautiful card also! My favorite colors :) Hope you're weathering the storm okay. We're doing alright here...I'm sure glad we stocked up yesterday just before the snow started!!

SherryBee said...

Hi, LeAnne!
I LOVED the bird pictures! And, all that snow! We got 5-8 FEET in our neck of the woods about 3 weeks ago! LOL---SUNNY ARIZONA!
Actually, we live in the mountains, near the Sunrise Ski resort at 7,000' elevation. Love it here!
I just wanted to let you know I received your blog candy winning package today!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was so nice to have a gift just for me! Great choice of items. I love the flowers!!! And, your cards were awesome! THanks for all the little goodies!
You made my day!

Our Little Inspirations said...

TFS these great photos!! In spite of the woes a huge blizzard brings, you've found the beauty of it with these pretty birds! Great photos, and you know your birds!! I'm fascinated with how the snow is clinging to the bark on the trees, it's really quite pretty!!

penniem said...

What great pictures LeAnne! Love seeing the birdie pictures.

Kim said...

Oh LeAnne, I love these pictures!! And your card... how cool is that!! Hmmm, card inspires nature, interesting!! As we sit in another snow storm, I long for spring and seeing your birds makes me hopeful that it will be here sooner than I think!! I'd love to have feeders all around, but unfortunately we have bear in the area that are way too comfortable and I'd rather not see them up close and personal like the birds!