Friday, December 9, 2011

Simple Poinsettia & I Don’t Do Hair


As I realize that I need more Christmas cards than I have, I am going back to my “simple is best” theme!  I had this digital poinsettia image colored a while back and added some simple DP to make a little 4.25” card:


Nothing snazzy, no bells, whistles, buttons or bling….flat but pretty.  I colored it with Copics:


and it’s ready to go!

My DD brings Cassidy to my house with her hair always done up in barrettes or a pony tail; by the end of her first nap, that look is history:



and I realize that Grammy just doesn’t do hair!!!  I could not get this back into a pony tail for the life of me….I just had to let it go!  I think it is because I grew up with short hair and my daughter’s hair was so thick, I just had it cut in a bowl style until she was old enough to do it herself.  And just in case you’re wondering, she is trying to give Pumpkin her milk saucer:

DSCF9979Enjoy your day!


Patti said...

Beautiful. Love the look. And it makes it so easy to mail - no lumps or bumps.

Queen Mary said...

I love the red music score paper and I love pictures of Cassidy! She is just so cute and she seems to be such a nice young lady!

jaydee said...

LeAnne, fabulous. The focal image is so beautifully colored that it needed no bells or whistles.

lisa808 said...

Beautifully colored poinsettia! Love the musical note paper on the card.

Cassidy is adorable--with or without a ponytail!

dpkennedy said...

Such a beautiful poinsettia! Lovely card! And Cassidy's hair is hysterical! So glad I don't have to do anyone's hair, besides my own, in the mornings!

Lesley said...

Pumpkin is the nicest kitty! Great card LeAnne, I love your is really lovely.

Ann Schach said...

I love this card! I am such a push-over for cards that have music notes on them! Aw...Pumpkin is being so patient!