Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TSOT 61 and Taking a Break


Hi all!  I have one card to share and then I will be taking a little blogging break…..I have been fighting a sinus infection for over a month and it has come back with a vengeance, so I’m going to take a little breather and try to recuperate.  I’ll be back on Sunday for the Paper Players challenge.  Maybe, just maybe, if I feel a bit better, I can return sooner!  I covet your prayers, as I have never had an illness or my allergy issues linger this long!

My card uses the Try Stampin’ on Tuesday sketch #61:

I wanted to do some watercoloring and the image I had in mind fit the sketch better if I turned it on its side:


I stamped the image and watercolored it with some reinkers and an aquapainter, then decided to use the Designer Frame to emboss it…..and I did it upside down!  But I liked the effect, especially how the eggs “sat” in the little scallops on the side!


The rest of the card uses images from the same set, Nature Walk and French Foliage as well.  Lots of embossing, a little piece of First Edition newsprint and a couple pieces of ribbon & lace, and it was done!  If you have any questions about what I’ve used here, please send me an email (not a comment!)! 

Since I have been too sick to watch the baby, I don’t have any fresh photos to share,  but I do have a couple of my indoor flowers.  My Christmas cactus decided to throw out a couple of blooms, and my African violets are bursting out of their pots.  I am good at getting them to bloom but not so good at pruning and repotting them!  Here you go:






Sorry, I take better picture of cards than I do flowers!!  See you on Sunday!


Rita said...

Hope you feel better soon my friend. ((HUGS))

jengd said...

LOVE the layers, embossing, colors, all of it! Feel betta'!

Colleen said...

Hope you get to feeling better.
Your plants really are pretty and healthy besides.
I never had luck with African violets. Probably because I would drown the poor little things. I do have a habit of over watering.
Thank you for sharing your photos

irishgalkelly said...

Ah Leanne, praying for you to feel better soon. I just heard that high doses of Vitamin C help with allergies. We like to take the powder form that you mix in drinks. My hubby and son suffer from those too and he tells me this helps.

Love your colored eggs. Such a pretty card. Your flowers are gorgeous. I used to have violets and I miss them. Your pale pink violet is making me drool. Perhaps I'll ask for one of those this Mother's day. Take care of you!

Jennifer said...

Ohhhhh your violets are wonderful! Lovely! And lovely too is your card. I love the bird's eggs and so beautifully colored too.

Feel better soon!

Linda said...

Oh so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. It has to be this crazy weather too. It has been so windy here and now the weather has turned cold. Rest dear girl!
Love the card and your plants look wonderful. Mine are all looking very bad and I am thinking I need to toss them. Any advice to saving my violets?

Darlene Gabriel said...

LeAnne your flowers are beautiful - what joy it must be to look at those daily:)
I will continue to pray for you as you take a break to take care of yourself. I pray you can finally shake this for good and very soon be 100% back to good health.
BTW - I love your card. Very pretty colours and I do like this sketch.

Shelley Germann said...

Your flowers are just beautiful.

Hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself.

Carol T said...

Know that you are in my prayers to get better. I think the allergies
are going to be bad this year. So please take care of yourself. Sometimes thats hard for us women, to put ourselves first when we need to. Always enjoy seeing all your beautiful cards & your pictures of your granddaughter. I will miss you!! See you soon.

Linda Callahan said...

Love the framed eggs - a work of art! And I spy stamping stamping in the background! When am I going to try that?!?! You need to be my neighbor and get me going! Take care of yourself and rest up. Hope you are feeling better soon xoxo

Christina said...

I hope you can get some rest and recover soon, LeAnne!
I just love your little painted eggs and all of the added details on your card. The blue and orange look amazing with the kraft, too!

debra said...

LeAnne - The work of art is gorgeous!! These are my favorite stamp sets -- and you know just what to do with them! My allergist (I have oodles of allergies)recommends a saline solution to clear/heal the sinuses. Cheap and easy to do. Over the counter, less than $5, follow the directions. It has done wonders for me (getting infections cleared up and avoiding them too.)

Betty Benton said...

Take all the time you need to feel better, LeAnne! Will miss your daily posts and pictures but you certainly won't be forgotten! Those flowers are just gorgeous, especially the soft pink ones that look almost transparent!

barb mann said...

LeAnne the card is pretty but the flowers are amazing! You certainly can get them to bloom. TFS!

mudmaven said...

Those flowers are totally AMAZING! I sure hope that you are feeling better very soon and my thoughts and prayers are with you! ~chris

Cheryl M. said...

So sorry you're under the weather and glad that you're taking a "time out" to heal. I love your card and your flowering plants, too! And I'll be praying for you. I agree with the saline solution suggestion (I just mix up some warm salt water though).

Denise Marzec said...

Ohhhh, I like how the eggs on the ends sit in the scallops, too. Love all the texture, too!

Carol Lucas said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous card. I love that Nature Walk set and your eggs are stunning. Also, I love those violets, my very favorite flower. We still have wild violets blooming outside right now, and I have been enjoying them. Get well soon: the blogger world will miss you!

Bev J. said...

Neat card!

Love your African violets-I don't have any now due to light factors.

Sorry about your sinus infection. Have you tried nasal irrigation with saline solution? Really helps me. Hope you feel better soon!

Carol L said...

Sorry you're feeling under the weather, but hopefully the extended rest will be what you need! Everyone I talk to has a sinus infection these days it seems!! Gorgeous flowers and card too!!

Jen said...

Take care of yourself, and I hope you're feeling better soon!

Nancy Seed said...

Love your colours. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for playing along with us at Try Stampin on Tuesday.

Vicky Hayes said...

So sorry to hear you're finding it hard to shake off the infection LeAnne. Take care and look forward to seeing you back when you're ready. Hugs, Vicky

Lynn said...

Hope you feel better soon LeAnne.
Your card and flowers are delightful. Lynn x

Dawn Braun said...

Get Well Soon, it's not fun being sick...ick! I just 'heart' your sweet little eggs, they really pop so beautifully off of your vintaged card. So very shabby chic!

And your African Violet, WOW! My Grandma had a huge one of those that she kept blooming year after year in her sun room. Her green thumb did not get passed to me however but you've got one! :)

Kim Evans said...

Hi LeAnne! I hope you're starting to feel a little better by now. I've been taking a break for the past month, so I'm enjoying catching up with your blog tonite - but sorry to hear that you're under the weather! Hope you're well soon. Sending hugs & prayers xoxo Kim

Pursuit of Stampiness - Calgary, Canada said...

Dear LeAnne. Oh I am happy for you that you received so many warm and loving emails. You so deserve it! I love your card. Those little eggs. Just stunning. So many layers of fun and creativity.

I will pray that our God will give you your health back! That the rest that you`re going to take will give you the energy to heal. Bless your heart and your body.

Pss: thanks for sharing teh photo`s of your lovely flowers. What a joy to have those in your home.

His Shalom over you.
Inky hugs, Pauline,

Jenn Picard said...

Oh LeAnne I do hope you are feeling better soon, sinus infections can be so nasty!

LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with the sketch! Fantactic choice of colours, the orange and blue really pop. Thanks for joining us at Try Stampin' on Tuesday and sending you big get better hugs:)

Kristen Conant said...

Hey Leann Love that you have turned the sketch on the side. Your colors are amazing together! Thanks for playing along at Try Stampin On Tuesday!

Bonnie said...

I never did figure out how to use these eggs. Now I see! By the time I write this, I hope you are well again. DH had that stuff for over a month. It took a Z-pack and now he's fine. It's rough stuff!

Colleen Dietrich said...

So sorry to hear the sinus infection really got you down. :( Stupid germs! LOL

Your card is neat, as always, and the way you turned that embossed frame upside down makes it look as though the eggs are sitting on a tray! Very cool.

THanks for showing us your pretty indoor blooms...they must be fabulous to be around. :)

Ruth Ann Vincent said...

Leann, I have enjoyed your cards, pictures of Cassidy, Pumpkin kitty and now your beautiful flowers. My computer was down for 3 months, so I' playing Ketchup! Ruth Ann