Friday, July 31, 2009

Miss Crabby Pants.....

that's me!  Crabby because I have had NO stamping time in the last couple days!!!  Gardening, work, housework, company, vacation.....things that need to be done!  Enough griping!  I do have a couple things to share with you since I got a whole MESS of absolutely beautiful birthday cards this week!!  I'll do a few at a time, to make them last!

This beauty is from Elaine (sorry it is a little pale):









But here's the kicker:  the inside:





Yeah, that's about how I feel sometimes! :D





From fellow CTD team member Tammy:


And from my friend and customer, Linda:


Lovely cards, ladies!  I have enjoyed looking at them over & over.  There are more to come, but for now I am going to do some stamping of my own!  Til tomorrow!


Caryl P said...

Did I miss that it was your birthday somehow? Happy Birthday!!! Love all the cards, such happy mail.

lindal said...

Oh I know how you feel. So many things get in the way of stamping. Darn vacations anyway. I have to go up North the week after next. Maybe I can stamp and then color up there.
Did I miss your birthday? Sorry, Happy Birthday youngster! Remember I know I will always be older than you. he he. I left a link on my blog to your hostess gift. You motivated me to make a gift for a dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Wait....was it YOUR birthday too? I hope you're as old as I am.

Anyway, I want to know if it IS/was your birthday! You will get SUCH a card from me!! Full of money and all kinds of wealth....or not.

I found a brand new type of card that is driving me NUTS with all its measurements. I want YOU to have the first successful one I eventually make.

Carol said...

Oh.. Those are BEAUTIFUL.... it's not so bad having birthdays when you get such pretty cards as these!!

JeanFB said...

Happy Birthday!!!! :D

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday! You received some beautiful cards~TFS! Thank you for visiting my blog : )

Nicki said...

i absolutely adore that embossed rose! its gorgeous! on my seriously increasing wish list that is!!!
love the cards! Happy birthday!
take care

Our Little Inspirations said...

Oh My gosh LeAnne, I'm so sorry I didn't know it was your birthday or you'd have had a card from me too!! Happy belated birthday my sweet friend!! When was your special day so I don't forget it next year???
These cards were so pretty, but I especially love the embossed roses, indicating a really elegant and thoughtful sentiment inside. What a shock to find such a hilarious gift inside! LOL I LOVE that!!

Little GTO said...

LOVE Miss Crabby Pants! This is the best birthday card I have ever seen! That I can remeber, that is and at my age I may not remember any! Happy birthday to you. I hope you have friends as fun as you are.
Sharon L

Stamp and Smile said...

Enjoy all these "fabulous" birthday cards!! July is a good month... it was my birthday too!! :) SMILES... Michelle :)