Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Big Christmas Gift

I got a WONDERFUL gift yesterday from one of my creative friends….imagine my surprise when I opened my bag and found this beauty from Beth:


I have seen similar ones before, but never had the time (or patience?) to do one myself!  She got her inspiration from Connie Tumm—whose creations are quite inspiring!  Here are a few (blurry) closeups:

DSCF4141 DSCF4139 DSCF4140

SWEET!  I will treasure this always!  And here are some more little treasures:



Enjoy your day!  Merry Christmas!


Ruthie said...

isn't that precious little one just the best gift of all? Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!!

Tammy Hershberger said...

I don't know what I like better... the beautiful framed artwork, or the work of God in Cassidy's beautiful smile! Both are stunning!

Kathy Martin said...

A whole lot of cute here! Baby and framed art! :)

Wendy said...

Both are just adorable!! Lucky you!

Happy Holidays, LeAnne!

jaydee said...

LeAnne firstly..... what gorgeous pics of Cassidy. She is so engaged and that smile is delghtful. It made my day looking at her...
Now... the framed artwork is wonderful. What a fabulous gift from your very creative friend.
Merry Christmas, my friend

Vicki said...

Love that framed art!!!! The baby is even cuter!!!!

Laura Pryor said...

I am totally floored by that beautiful artwork!!! I love it so much!! And look at the smile on that beautiful baby!! Oh MY! What a fun Christmas it will be!!

Ann Schach said...

Both your gift and Cassidy are truly masterpieces! Happy holidays!