Saturday, February 8, 2014

MIM 157 & SOS137

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Phew, it’s good to be back online, have electricity, heat, hot running water…..all the stuff you take for granted until it’s not there!  58 hours without power gives one a sense of what’s REALLY important in your life, LOL!  I did get a little bit of stamping done (it was pretty chilly in my stamp room) and I made a collage-style Valentine card for the Kraft Journal’s challenge 157, Here’s My Heart, and Shopping Our Stash 137, Love Me Tender:  

LeAnne Pugliese WeeInklings Vintage Valentine Card Stampin 

I had this little cherub printed out for another project, but didn’t use it, so I cut him out and popped him up on a card base I stamped with about a million or so images from various stamp companies—I may have gone a bit overboard, I think!  But it is fun to use them, especially ones for specific holidays that you don’t get to use too much!  I also added some glitter on the little guy’s wings, some sequins, a felt heart, a leaf stick-pin:
LeAnne Pugliese WeeInklings Vintage Valentine Card Stampin-001

a couple little banners, and a glimmer heart!!! 


Maybe I went a little board overboard!  It was fun, though!  I used several stamp sets...if you want more info about which sets, just email me!

So many of you probably encountered the ice storm that took away our power, but here are a couple of pictures to show you what we dealt with, which really wasn’t bad considering all the other damage around the state:

Our pine trees in the driveway suffered a lot of broken branches:


Our neighbor lost a big branch on his tree:


But it was pretty!


The strange thing was the noise; as I walked around the yard, it sounded like rifles being shot – branches were breaking and falling all through the woods!  As I was taking pictures, one of the pine branches fell a few feet from me!  A close call for sure!  Nature’s way of pruning, I guess!!  Hope you all are safe & sound wherever you live!

While we were stuck inside, we did some tattooing!!!

Enjoy your day!


Kara said...

Pretty card!! The ice is beautiful, but no so fun when you lose power!

stampwithsandy said...

Glad to hear things are back to normal, LeAnne! Your vintage valentine is amazing. You always do the nicest work with your vintage postcard-like creations. Love it!

Karren said...

So glad you're back online LeAnne and that everything is okay. Those icicles look beautiful (from a computer screen - wouldn't want to be there LOL) Love all the little details in your gorgeous card!

Doris said...

Glad you're powered up again! Even more glad our power didn't go out this time. It's still treacherous out there--only five steps from the garage to the Jeep, but sooo slippery. The trees are finally free of the ice, but there's still a thick glaze on top of the snow. The cats can't even walk on it. My van won't be out of the garage until next week when the temps go above freezing during the day. Getting lots of stamping done, though!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness that is beautiful. All the extras made it perfect.
You all went through a lot with that storm. It is so sad to see those beautiful old trees.
So nice to see you back on line.
That tattooing looks like fun.

Greta said...

So glad that branch didn't land on you! Ice can be so destructive, but beautiful! No fun being without power, for sure. Gorgeous creation!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I thought your background piece was printed that way. Wowzah to the fact that you did it all. It is really cool. Yeah, it is busy but it a totally interesting vintage kind of way. I love all the bits you added to your card. Very nice. The snow and ice, not so nice. Brrrr....! Glad to hear you have your power back though. I can't imagine without it. We did 18 hours once. It was hardest on the fish tanks. I'd have to go over and stir up their water to get it wavy.

Lee-Anne said...

Wow...what a vintage beauty, LeAnne! Thanks heavens all is ok after that storm...looking forward to you are too!

Denise Willerton said...

Blessings to you and your family LeAnne ~ so thankful that all is well with you ~ and yes, we truly know what is most important in times of difficulty ~ Family and those we love...((hugs to you))

Linda Callahan said...

Love your Valentine collage! You were keeping warm by s/s/s! So,glad you got your power fun at all without it! We just got a foot of ice thankfully!

Shelley Germann said...

That is one seriously beautiful vintage card! Love the "more is more" approach! Your own patterned background is jaw-dropping! A very lucky Valentine, indeed!

My SIL had to suffer through the power outage, with four young kids, while my BIL was on a trip. It was bad news for a lot of people! Glad you weathered it! My advice, buy a generator! We bought one a few years back and I've never regretted it.

Lisa said...

SO happy you have heat again!! Your card is wonderful, it's the perfect version of an old fashioned traditional Valentine!!

SchnauzerCrafts Creations/Christy Q said...

Wow - I didn't realize that you had lost power. So many of my family and friends were affected by the ice storm that I should have realized that you were as well. ;( I am glad that you made it through fine. It is definitely pretty, but not fun to experience. Hoping and praying that the storm later this week stays to the east and is not an ice event or a major snow event.

Love your card - it is so you!!!

Deena said...

Thanks for joining in the love me tender challenge at Shopping our Stash! Awesome vintage style on your valentine! That is a look that I can not achieve no matter how hard I try! Brilliant!