Thursday, January 26, 2012

Merry Monday #4


A quick card today for Lesley’s Merry Monday Sketch#4:

Another Christmas card for my stash:



These colors are neutral, but I love the effect.  Thanks for visiting today!

Cassidy’s “tissue party”!

 Cassidy's tissue party

 Cassidy's tissue party 2

Cassidy's tissue party 3

Cassidy's tissue party 5


  1. Gorgeous card! I love an elegant one done in neutrals. LOL at the tissue party! Looks like a lot of "fun".

  2. Looks like Cassidy has inherited her gramma's love of paper LOL!!!
    Your card is beautiful - as always! Have a great day,

  3. LOLOL!!! The card is great but that little girl is SO cute!!!

  4. What a stunning Christmas card LeAnne!!!! and the tissue party looks really familiar to me! Have fun Cassidy :-)

  5. Omg , how cute is that ! Brought back memories! Your card is stunning !

  6. Love the holiday card in "neutral" - quietly elegant! And your message today is forget those fancy toys and crack open a box of tissues......quietly entertaining :)

  7. Love that star stamp! Had a friend send me a card this past Christmas made with it! Great musical theme! Had to giggle at Kim's comment!

  8. Such a pretty card LeAnne! I bet she enjoyed her tissue party but I also bet grandma didn't enjoy cleaning up after it...LOL!

  9. Nice card: very elegant. I just love that stamp set. Cute pics of the granddaughter, too.

  10. OH my goodness this is soooo funny. It really looks like a lot of fun. She is just coping you working on a card pulling out all that paper. Too funny! I love it.
    I love the card too. Who is the star stamp by. That is really cool.

  11. I love this card and how the curve of the one branch follows the curve of the circle piece. Watch out because Cassidy will be unrolling toilet paper next - or worse filling the toilet with it, LOL!

  12. This Christmas card is so pretty! I love the vintage collage feel!

  13. Hey LeAnne,
    LOVE the neutral colours and the branches stamped on the back panel. The music is a pretty touch too. Had a giggle with the pictures of Cassidy. What a kid!

  14. Oh, the joy of in a box of tissues! It's so fun to watch children discover and learn! Thanks for sharing this moment! It brings back memories of similar moments with my two girls when they were about her age!


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