Friday, November 21, 2008

Packaging Gone Green

Edited to add:  Sorry these photos are so grainy--still experimenting with my tutorials!

Something I have realized is that I am a boring stamper.  That is to say, I only (mostly) stamp cards, because I actually send my cards to people.  Okay, I save some of them, but most of them, I make to send.  Also, I don't make a lot of gift items, not because I don't give gifts, but I probably don't give as many as some people...I don't have children in school, most of my friends already have enough "stuff", so I find myself a little shy in the area of stamping projects other than a card.  So, I have challenged myself to find something new, old or recycled to stamp, other than a card!

Yesterday, I received some jewelry from a party I attended recently.  As I was headed for the trash to throw away the cute little boxes, I thought, "Hmmmm.....I could recycle this into a cute little package for my workshop tonight!"  So off I ran into my stamp room for my first attempt!


This style of jewelry box has a bottom and a sleeve that slides over it. I could make this myself, but it is already made! Why reinvent the wheel? I measured it up and found some cute SU paper to fit.


I just folded it to fit, added some adhesive and here is my little sleeve!


I covered the ends of the box itself so they were nice & pretty, too!


But I wanted to add something to the top, maybe a little “bling” snowflake, so I punched out a snowflake from some Baja Breeze cardstock with a Martha Stewart punch.


I had been wanting to try some Elmer’s Craft Bond spray that I had gotten for another project, just to see how the glitter would stick with it. So I gave my snowflake a liberal spray, sprinkled on some SU Cosmo Glitter and wow, what a great effect! I heat set it with my heat tool just to make sure it didn’t go anywhere. That stuff is very sticky and works great! I also applied it to a scrap piece of paper, sprinkled on Dazzling Diamonds, heat set it & punched out a center! (Too bad this photo doesn't do it justice!).


I added a couple little peanut butter cups embellished with some images from Deer Friends, nestled them in some cello shreddie and my gift was done. This was one of my hostess gifts—I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them! I just got some new MS glitter and I can’t wait to try this again!

It feels like Christmas today--I am listening to carols and IT IS SNOWING in Southeast PA---a wonderful snow that clings to the trees and looks so pretty, but melts on the road and doesn't mess up anybody's travel plans!  What a great Friday!!!


Tammy Hershberger said...

CUTE!!!! Way to go on a non-card project! It's wonderful!

(Ready for this one? "trovedly" Seriously, where do these things come from?)

Anonymous said...

OK. So whatcha gonna do with the box now that you have it? I'm trying to hotwire my incentive here.

Kimberly said...