Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cupcake Inspiration


(This is a bit of a long post, but be sure to check out the last paragraph and check out the last link for a chuckle!)

This past week I have really been checking out the challenges at SCS; I used to look at them all the time, then stopped; now it seems I have been drawn to them again.  There are SO many challenges out in the blogging world that one just cannot do them all, so I have stepped back and am just stamping for the fun of it!

I was always intriqued when I checked a challenge in the morning and found some entries had lots and lots of comments already.  I thought, wow, they must get up at 4 am to make their cards.  And there are actually people up, reading and looking and their cards!  Duh.  I now realize that many times, challenges are posted late the night before.  I guess lots of people know this---I did not!  And because I had a sinus headache and couldn't sleep, I was still up when the Inspiration Challenge was posted here.  There are some very creative packaging ideas out there!  So quick like a bunny (as quickly as one can at 11:30 with a sinus headache) I came up with this card based on this inspiration:


This would HAVE to be inspired by something because I would never put all these color together like this!  In fact, I have no idea for what occasion I would even use this card---maybe DD's birthday!  DH would scratch his head in wonderment if I sent it to him!!!  But I thought it was kind of fun and funky.  Maybe it was the headache talking to me!

On another note, at last night's party, I had asked my stampers to bring a child's birthday card for Cards For Heroes.  My good friend Robyn brought two cards like this:







When you pull on the tab at the top, you get this:







The balloons and the string pop up with the insert!  This is so cute, I just love this concept!  And I know some children are going to love these too!  Thanks, Robyn!



On a final funny note, you have GOT to check out this post from Australian SU demo, Makeesha Byl.  Just scroll down to the will CRACK UP!!!  If your kids are driving you nuts, this will put it all into perspective!!!  Have a great day--it is grad party day for my sweet niece and it looks like the weather will hold, so it should be fun!  Thanks for visiting!


My lifes inky escape and more said...

How on earth do you come up with all these cool ideas???? These cards are so cute especially the one that says Love. You rock!!

mudmaven said...

I really like it! Wacky and wonderful! Thanks for sending me to Keesha - got a good giggle! ~chris

Our Little Inspirations said...

I love the first card with the honeycomb circles in different colors! That is really GREAT! The birthday card is really cute too the way it opens up! You go girl!!

Our Little Inspirations said...

I forgot to mention - Stampers Dream sells the Geo Sparklers so you won't have to hoard yours anymore:)

Stamp and Smile said...

So sorry you had that nasty sinus headache... I've had mine for 2 days now and finally letting up! The weather is changing here in Minnesota... YIKES!

Such a cute card you made and a darling birthday card to put a big smile on anyone’s face! And what a laugh I had... Head to toe! TFS LeAnne! :)

Angie Tieman said...

Love your "love" card! Great way to show off the new circle set and new colors!! That balloon card with the ribbons is darling too!

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Circle Circus and Sinus headaches sure came together to create greatness. Sorry you're having the headache but love the result!

Fun CFH card too. Never thought of using ribbon for ballon strings before. Great idea.

Hugs and blessings and feel better soon from one of those night owls that haunt the stampin sites - Jean

Juanita said...

Great card.
Hope you are feeling better.
Thanks for that link, that was the sort of thing that makes me stop and realize that my kids could be so much worse, in so many ways. They are really angels and I have no reason to complain about the little headaches they give me.

Nicki said...

these are so lovely, love the balloon idea, really neat!

Tammy Hershberger said...

Cute cards, LeAnne! I used to do a lot more SCS challenges too, but pay no attention to them anymore. Yes, some do post late at night so early-risers can get a jump start, and some don't post 'til mid-morning which was always very frustrating and probably part of the reason I got turned off from doing them! LOL