Friday, December 18, 2009

I Hate Stickles!!!....


I love glitter, hate stickles.  Does anyone have the same problem with them?  They look great when applied, and dry dull, dull, dull.  Anyway, I was playing around with my Cool Yule set from MFT, and I had a leftover image on my desk, so I decided to play around a little!  After watercoloring him in, I added stickles to his body and scarf......


From this angle, he looks pretty cute, but IRL.....that scarf looks pretty awful.  If anyone has any hints as to how to apply these so they maintain their sparkliness, give me a shout.   Anyway, this will be a gift card holder for some cold, hard CASH---given with warm wishes!  My niece will love it, I am sure!  And here's a little peek at a recycled bag that I filled with cookies for my favorite man in brown:

My sweet friend Harriet gave me some of these wonderful reindeer images, so I have been putting them to good use:



No stickles here!  Although the bag may look black, it was a beautiful deep green....very pretty!!  I am sure he was more interested in what was inside, however!  Thanks, Harriet!
If you have any questions about any of the images or supplies I've used, give me a shout!  Gotta run---a busy day and SNOW IS COMING!  WOOHOO!  I am so excited!  I am hoping it will be a white Christmas!  Blessings to you all!


  1. Oye....I saw that more snow is coming. Well, it'll make for a beautiful Christmas if it sticks around, huh?

    I love that sweet bear and the pink/dark blue combo! Pretty!

  2. I think the bear is adorable and perfectly sparkly! LOVE the reindeer stuff, too! (And I'm sure Mr. Brown loved his cookies!)

  3. Try adding clear glitter over the Stickles while it's wet. The glitter should stick once it's dry. I agree that it isn't nearly as nice dry as it is wet.

  4. I also hate how loooonnnnng they take to dry! There's gotta be a better choice out there. Love the bear though - I think he's perfectly sparkly! Have fun with the snow - keep it out there too - I still have plenty on the ground here! ~chris

  5. I'm not that thrilled with Stickles either after they dry - or I should say - when they FINALLY dry! I love how you used the stamp off! Sorry it took me forever to get them to you!
    Hope you enjoy the snow and it stays for your holidays! Hugs, Harriet

  6. Stickles is definitely not the way to go for large areas--2-way glue pen and glitter are much better. However, I do love Stickles when I want to place a small dot somewhere, like in the center of a small flower. I find that in large areas, even when I apply it thick, it seems to thin out when it dries--plus it takes forever to dry. Hope your MIB enjoys his cookies, too!

  7. I love that little guy.....yes snow is coming......:( Not my favorite considering my back is just about ready to spasm on me and I'll have at least a foot to shovel. Did I ever tell you I hate winter..okay one day on Christmas is okay but then I am done with it!!! Oh I wish we were not having would be great if someone would shovel for me then it would be fun and I could enjoy it. LOL!!

  8. I'd have to agree with Doris's comment about Stickles. They flatten out and look pretty shabby if you cover them in a wide area, but for a subtle sparkle here and there, I love adding just a touch of them! Whatever you used, the bear is adorable in his sparkly scarf! I love it! And I'm sure Mr Brown loved his treats too! A few years ago I gave Mr Brown a bag of cookies, and the following night he delivered another package and told my husband how much he enjoyed the cookies! Those guys in brown trucks are so awesome!!

  9. Your card is great!! From here the stickles look great! Are you putting them on thick enough? I put mine on pretty thick and let it dry overnight (since I craft at night)! Never looks dull!!

  10. I agree! I just don't get Stickles. I know someone who has every color. I am going to have to ask him how to use them. I end up with a blob (do you know that movie The Blob was filmed in Downingtown?)
    I still think your card is adorable and the one you sent me is so sweet. I hope to get one out to you today.

  11. Love your recycled gift bag. and the cash holder is pretty sweet too.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Oh, I love Stickles! I can't believe how many people don't...I never really thought they looked flat. I always like them better when they dry too, lol! You could try using Crystal Effects, or a Quickie Glue Pen and then adding fine glitter. This way what you see is what you get. It won't flatten out like the Stickles does when it dries.

  13. Oh, LeAnne, I LOVE stickles! I use them almost exclusively! I use Star Dust stickles...that one is my favorite! Almost all my cards have this on them, and they sparkle so nicely! Don't give up on them yet! LOL!!


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