Thursday, January 8, 2009

Passing on Awards

My blog friends Broni and Lisa both gave my blog some awards lately, and I am just now passing them along!

blog-award-butterfly Lovely_Blog

To keep things simple, I am passing along BOTH awards to some new blogs I have discovered while blurfing around (and a couple "old" favorites!). Each blogger can choose which one (or both) awards they'd like to receive and pass along!!! Be sure to check out their lovely work:

Here are the details…
1. Post the award logo(s) on your blog.
2. Add the link to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs and add post their links as well. (I only did 9, sorry!)
4. Let those people know that they received the award.

Again, check out these ladies' wonderful creations!


Sylvia Nelson said...

Thanks LeAnne, It took me awhile to find your blog again. I finally googled your name. Your url shows up under a typekey profile but no web address.
Thanks for passing these awards on to me.

mudmaven said...

Oh my - I am in blogger heaven! Thank you so much! You are too nice! I will post on my blog tomorrow and nominate some others! You made my day LeAnne! ~chris

Stamp and Smile said...

WOW... LeAnne!!! I'm speechless… thanks sooooo much!! :) My first blog awards…. He!! This weekend I will nominate 10 more and get them posted. You are awesome!! I'll be popping back in soon... Michelle {{Smiles}} :)

sideoats + scribbles said...

Oh wow!!!! Thanks so much LeAnne! I'll have to figure out who to give the awards to and then I'll post about it + link in. Hugs! :)

Jerry said...

You have made my day. I am so thrilled that you appreciate my work it makes me feel so good from my head to toes!!! This is my first blogger award. Thank you again! I will be visiting you blog again and again and send my awards out this weekend!

Thank you,

Megan said...

Thank you so much! You are so nice! I am super excited about my awards! Your blog is so fun, you have made so many cute things! Thanks again!

Bethany said...

Thanks LeAnne. I'm still fairly new to this whole blogging world and honestly didn't know how awards were done. You've given me my first ones and now I'm going in search of 10 other blogs to pass this award to. Thanks so much, you made my day!

Lili said...

I want kindly to ask (because I don't understand) how I can receive this wonderful award with the lovely.
Best wishes