Friday, May 21, 2010

Of Mice and Women

Okay, this is a non-stamping post….so you can move on if you don’t want to see pictures of nature and stuff!  Yesterday was a glorious day in Pennsylvania---finally the sun came out and I got cozy with the other John in my life:


I was merrily mowing along the west side of my house when something popped up from the grass---I squealed and so did baby mouse:


I ran to get my camera, and he was still there when I got back, but boy did he run:


and run some more:


and try to hide:



Finally, I let him run and he hid under some leaves under our maple tree.  I went on mowing; about 20 minutes later, I was mowing along the south side of the house, near another maple tree and he jumped right up from under the leaves and scared me again!  This time he ran up the tree:



He was quick; it was hard to catch a shot; we played hide & seek:


And finally he won---and I lost sight of him!  What a riot!  I also snapped a few photos of my flowers:






Ooops!  Just kidding---wanted to see if you were still awake!  Thanks for humoring me and allowing me to share my little backyard nature event! 


  1. Oh My Gosh, House Mouse is now outside mouse! LOL These pics are great! Your flowers are gorgeous, and I'm STILL waiting for my peonies to bloom!! TFS and have a great weekend!

  2. Aaaawwwww!!! Great pics, and I am sooooo jealous of your Pennsylvania spring day.... you've made me homesick!! (In a good way - thanks for sharing!)

  3. Wendie aka TankergypsieMay 21, 2010 at 8:33 AM

    Your yard is beautiful and your garden angel is precious. Not so much for the mouse!! They do so much damage where I live (Southwest New Mexico) it's hard for me to get enamored with them, although the House Mouse stamps are pretty cute. Enjoy the beauty!

  4. Great looking "other John". Cute mouse pics but I do really dislike the little critters-destructive. Your flowers are gorgeous-aren't the iris pretty this year. Great snow pic as well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. thanks for sharing your yard pictures ~ we have a beautiful yard that my husband has landscaped, and to see someone else creation is a treat ~ I was just telling my husband the other day, that I'd love to just Penn. so day ~ never been in that state and now, I really want to visit ~ some day soon I hope ~ have a wonderful day!

  6. I thoroughly enjoy a non-stamping post! This little guy is wayyyyy cute and I only say that because he's in your yard and not mine! HA!!! Love your Iris pictures! I have a few shots on my camera that I was thinking of uploading too since we're here at the new house. Maybe I will! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Boy! "Other" John takes a good photo! Love that little mousie! He was so cute!! Love that last shot of the cat and snow...lots of giggles!

    Have a great weekend!
    Lesley ;)

  8. LeAnn you make me laugh. I love that you went and grabbed you camera to take a picture. I would have just screamed and ran.
    Too funny.

  9. Maybe he's the one that ran under Obama's podium at the White House the other day! You have a beautiful yard, too. Ours is "professionally" landscaped by my husband. When people ask how I get such beautiful plants and flowers, I tell them "I sleep with the gardener!"

  10. Whoa - he has big ears! Love that other "John" in your life. DH wishes we had a yard big enough to need one. Your iris are incredible. Mine are still in the budding stage - soon though along with the poppies. Enjoy the nice weather - we're supposed to get near 80 today! Yay - maybe, just maybe, the snow is done with us for the year. Your pix made it all come back to me in a flash - bad girl! ~chris

  11. Oh I loved looking at these pics LeAnne! Your flowers are gorgeous. You did a great job of capturing that mouse with your camera too!

  12. ok, the mouse creeps me out ... the flowers are GORGEOUS and that last pic is my backyard today ... go figure: snow on the May long weekend :)

  13. Ha! Mice in trees! You must have been pretty darn quick with that camera.

  14. You made my day.... I loved, really loved looking at your pics. The baby mouse is adorable. I'm so pleased you saved him and appreciated him.
    I'm also really looking forward to getting to know you better through the new Paper Players design team.
    Have a fabulous weekend

  15. You made my day, too! Thanks!

  16. You are too funny!! I love your photos! What do you mean it was hard to snap a photo of the mouse, you got like 10 great ones of him! Your flowers are gorgeous and so is your "John"! Love that you snuck in the snow shot!

  17. Oh my that little mouse didn't seem scared enough! Glad you didn't mow him over! Isn't he cute!?! Love the snow picture in there! No need for the kitty to climb the tree to get the bird with the snow level raising him up just enough! LOL fun pics!

  18. Oooohhhh the baby mouse is too cute and too funny.
    Your flowers are gorgeous .
    Where in Pennsylvania are you ?
    Tomorrow morning ,I am crossing the Atlantic to come to Philadelphia (Roslyn more exactly)
    Have a wonderful day.

  19. Maybe the mousie wanted you to give him a little trim with the lawn mower???

  20. Love it Love it Love it!!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of your yard and your little mousie (or could it be TWO little mousies???)

  21. Hee Hee hee you are too funny! I am in Montana and was just going to read and not do comments but I just couldn't stop and not say hi and tell you how funny your mouse adventure was. I love the flowers but you can keep that snow. I can see snow here out the window high on the mountains. That is were it should be.

  22. Ha ha ha ha the surprise photo at the end :] Aren't mice adorable? I think they are the cutest little things...when they live OUTSIDE the house. How funny that you bumped into him twice and played hide and seek. I can't believe you found him again after running inside for your camera :]

    LOVE your flowers girlie! GORGEOUS

  23. Loved reading of your adventure with the wee little mouse. I think the photos are just great!
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Thanks for sharing your mouse adventure. I just love the little furry long as they stay out of my house and garage.

  25. Great pictures, thank you for sharing...

  26. What fun pictures LeAnne and I love the story of the teeny mouse!

  27. Love the mouse antics! What would we do without our outdoor critters? They are so entertaining!
    By the way, I have actually been a grandmom for almost 9 years already as my son has 2 daughters from his first marriage and the newest one is from his second. But I don't really feel like a grandmom because the 2 oldest girls live in Ohio with their mother and my son lives in Indiana. We only get to see them once a year, which totally is so unfair but what can ya do! I hope you will be closer to your grandchildren so you can enjoy them.

  28. EEEEEkkkkk!! That's me when I see a mouse! Yikes, they are just to fast and scampering for my taste. Great pics though- how fun that you thought to get your camera. Your flowers are gorgeous too! I was just thinking I should go take some flower pics. Too hot to do anything else today! Actually, I should get out before it really is too hot. Only 75 now but supposed to be 87 today. Phew!


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