Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saga of Gary & Greta

Well, I hope everyone had a great US holiday--we were able to watch the fireworks from our boat, then awoke the next morning to rain drops coming through the hatch screen!!  So we just hung out on the sailboat and came home last night to this:

Bye Bye Greta

You may remember Gary & Greta, who have a condo under our shed & porch.  This is Greta....she got caught.   She has been very naughty; I caught her eating the petunias right out of my flower pots.  That was a BIG no-no, so I told DH: "They gotta go!"  She wasn't just nibbling the, she had to eat flowers, stem, everything!!!  So the little apple trail I left, like Hansel & Gretel, just proved too tempting.  She is now residing in the woods about 5 miles from our house.

This morning, I looked out my kitchen window to this:

Gary eats Gary again

This is Gary, still at it.  At least he is eating weeds under my bird feeder.  He's NEXT!!  Doesn't look like he is missing Greta at all.  Stay tuned!!

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Doris said...

Here's hoping Gary and Greta are reunited soon. Meanwhile, check out my ground hog saga on my family blog posted March 28, 2007. It's at or use the link in the sidebar on my stamping tower blog.