Sunday, July 19, 2015

Paper Players 254 Faux Shaker Card


Happy Sunday, peeps!  Time for another Paper Players challenge with Laurie as our hostess, and she’s got a CAS challenge for us this week:

Fun, huh?  The DT has some really cute samples using eyeglasses, but alas, I have no eyeglass stamps or dies, but I did have a new cool Simon Says Stamp die called Holiday Frames that I was hankering to use!  My first thought was to make a shaker card.  I love shaker cards!  However, after almost an hour of trying to cut my foam strip (which is extremely sticky) narrow enough for the edge, I gave up and chucked it.  Hence, I made a FAUX shaker card:

LeAnne Pugliese WeeInklings Paper Players 254 Faux Shaker Christmas Card

Please don’t laugh….you know the issues that can be had with shaker cards….they can be challenging to assemble!  And yes, I know, it’s just got the sequins GLUED on, but the weather is sticky, the sequins jump all over the place and this is supposed to be clean and simple, so this is my story and I’m stickin’ to it!  Anyway, the frame is cut from Gold Foil; the background paper is some stash I’ve had forever; the sequins were a gift from Verve (love the colors), along with some retired holiday snowflakes from SU, and the baker’s twine is SU’s gold.  I used a one-hole bow again to make sure it didn’t wiggle off:


And just for a little extra sparkle, although you can’t see it very well, I heat embossed some snowflakes from Endless Wishes with Versamark and Iridescent Ice embossing powder on the card base:


Please be sure to check out the Paper Players blog to see all the designers’ handiwork:

And be sure to play along!

Last week, Cassidy went to VBS where she learned about missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot; if you don’t know their story, you can read the children’s version here.  Cassidy didn’t talk much about it during the week, but she did finally get excited when they talked about the Elliot’s daughter, Valerie, who was just a baby when Jim gave his life.  Of course, there was a doll there representing Valerie and she was quite enamored with the doll……as she is her own dolls!  Valerie and Elisabeth continued Jim’s work, so God’s purpose was fulfilled despite their loss. The children learned about the jungle as well; here she is with her parrot mask:


and the necklace she made; I think the white things are supposed to be teeth (I hope not bones)!!!  She had a great time and the teaching team did an awesome job as well.


Thanks for popping by today!


laurie said...

This is a great idea! A faux shaker card! I love shaker cards and have only made one, never to repeat again as it seemed too much work.THIS could be my answer! I love all the details and sparkle!

VBS sounded like fun!

stampwithsandy said...

This is gorgeous, LeAnne! I love that die cut, especially in gold foil!

Lisa said...

Clever shaker substitute LeAnne!! I've never seen the hole in one bow, that's pretty nifty. Glad Cassidy enjoyed VBS, what a cute parrot mask!

Linda said...

Oh your little bird girl is so sos sweet! I love the card and faux shaker. Great idea! That is a very cool die. TFS

Jenny Engelke said...

Cool! I love the faux shaker idea!!!

Lavonne said...

Neat idea to do a faux shaker card! Pretty card. Love the gold foil pretty. Love that they taught about Jim and Elizabeth Elliot at VBS! Wow. I remember watching the movie about Jim's story when I was attending Prairie in Three Hill, AB. I've been following you for quite a few years but don't usually comment. Just had to after the VBS story.
Always love the pictures of Cassidy. She's a very adorable girl. :)

LeAnne said...

Thanks, Lavonne! Yes, the Eliots' story never ceases to amaze me. I had a chance to hear Elisabeth speak several years ago, and she had such unwavering faith. God is good!

Nance Leedy said...

Shaker cards are a lot of work and I say there's nothing wrong with faux especially when it's this fabulous! LOVE that holiday frame die and how the colors of the sequins POP! Great job Cassidy on your parrot mask!

stampwithamyk said...

What a beautiful card! I love gold frame and the sequins are fantastic!! The gold twine tops it off perfectly. :)

Claire Broadwater said...

LeAnne, this is beautiful! I agree with you on Shaker cards. Sometimes they are more trouble than all the work that goes into them. The gold frame looks fabulous with all your sequins! So happy Cassidy loved VBS! I loved going as a child. She is just so pretty! Her parrot's mask is great! XX

Joanne James said...

This may be 'faux', but what's not to love my friend?! Gold frame - check, festive sequins - check. It certainly ticks all my boxes and is much easier to both make and mail! I love it!!

Ann Schach said...

Wow! This is absolutely stunning, Leanne! I LOVE the gold and the sequins. A perfect CAS Christmas card!

Jaydee said...

LeAnne, what a fabulous use for sequins and I love the fact that it's a faux shaker. The colors really pop with that beautiful gold frame. Gorgeous card

Anonymous said...

Your blog is always so interesting, LeAnne! I love the photos of Cassidy and the stories you share on your blog. Read your story about VBS and the Elliots, so I will add the following: I lived in Ecuador, South America where my parents were missionaries----and where I met my husband-to-be when we were both in the 7th grade in Quito, the capital city. We both went to school with the children of the 5 missionary men who were killed by the Auca Indians in l956. Knew all the families---and yes, what a moving story. "Aunt Betty" wrote much in the books and articles she wrote ("Through Gates of Splendor", for example). Steve Saint, son of the pilot Nate Saint, wrote the book "The End of the Spear" after he was married, had 4 children and then lived in the jungles (with the Aucas, now called Waodani) with his wife and family for a year. The indian that speared Nate Saint, Mincaye, is now their friend---Steve says they call him Grandfather. Steve has brought Mincaye up to the USA several times for nationwide speaking engagements in different churches. Steve's sister, Kathy, was my best friend in Ecuador. She is a precious person, too. Marilou McCully, another of the widows, lived across the street from my family in Quito. She moved to Quito after the 5 men were killed----God used her to be in charge of a home for missionary children (so the kids could go to school in Quito even though the parents ministered in the jungles). Marj Saint ran the Guest House in Quito as her way to continue in ministry in Ecuador. After she felt like she could no longer do that, my parents were asked to move into the Guest House to take over that ministry----a bustling place for people who came from all over the world---and Mom never had less than 12 extra people at the table for meals. She had a gift of knowing what to make for anyone who stayed with them---comfort food from their countries! My time in Ecuador during junior and senior high years was such a special blessing and time in my life. Missionaries are truly remarkable people----gifted in so many ways. During a meeting where Steve and Mincaye were speaking in Philadelphia, a man came up to them and said he would be interested in making a movie about Steve's book "The End of the Spear"----he was one of the owners of Hobby Lobby stores. My son had started a computer company in Oklahoma City and one of the owners went to Ryan's company, sat down and said they needed help in starting a web site because they would be involved in producing a movie abut 5 men who were killed by the Aucas in Ecuador. My son said, "I know all about that because my parents were there and knew all the people involved!" What are the chances of that happening??? With God, there are no "coincidences"---they are "Godincidences". Read the book "The End of the Spear" by Steve Saint-----you will feel like you spent the year there with him! My name is Helen Whitaker---I use my love of rubberstamping to make cards and projects for those in our Spanish church here in Texas and for many others as well. We feel like missionaries right here where we live----and are happy to serve the Lord in whatever way He leads! Thank you for the time you take to share your talents with all of us! Helen

LeAnne said...

Helen, I am sitting here at my computer in AWE of your story. What are the chances that YOU would be reading my little stamping blog out in the blog world? You are right, there are no coincidences, just GODincidences! What a blessing you are to share "the rest of the story", which just continues on and on, with all of us! I will certainly look for Steve Saint's book in my church library, as I imagine it is there. I also want to share your story, if I may, with the sweet teacher who taught this at Cassidy's VBS. She has shared it many times and has such a gift for bringing things to life for the children with props and scenery! She will LOVE this! Again, thank you for taking the time to write to me about your life experiences! God will be using this for sure! Blessings & hugs to you!

barb mann said...

Love this LeAnne - Great way to go - in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome to share this information with your VBS worker! The movie is good, too, but you know what they say "The book is always better than the movie!" In the movie, for some reason, the producers scripted Kathy (Steve's older sister----she was the oldest of the children of the 5 men---she was 8 or 9) as a boy, depicted the 5 families at the last time they were all together in a more "merry" way than I think of those families. (I don't know exactly how to describe how I felt!) Also, the events towards the end of the movie didn't really match the book----moviemakers take too much liberty at times! I always prefer the books to movies! :o) The interesting thing is that Steve scripted the book "End of the Spear" AFTER the movie was produced in order to set the timeline straight! You feel just like you were living there with Steve and his family.

My mother's parents were missionaries in India and felt led to establish a leper colony---so Mom was born there. My Dad's parents went to Venezuela with another couple---they were the first missionaries to Venezuela. There wasn't an established missionary personnel network to meet them at the dock when their ship arrived---to welcome them and give them a place to sleep. They had to figure out where to find a place to sleep, etc. right away. They are truly examples of pioneer missionaries---John and Anna Christiansen (my grandparents) and T.J. and Anna Bach. My G'pa would travel by "burro" (donkey) to get to outlying villages in order to tell them about God. Their ministry there spanned 25+ years. They had 10 children---my Dad was one of the younger ones.

Dad was sent from Venezuela up to South Carolina to live at The Westervelt Home for missionary children when it was time for him to start high school. My Mom was sent from India in order to start high school as well. After they finished college and married, they went to Venezuela to continue helping G'pa with his ministry there. Dad became the Director of the Bible Institute----and Mom had to learn Spanish before taking up her part in ministry. They are John and Almeta Christiansen. Mom even used her talent on the violin to gain a spot with the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra---always first chair! When I was about to start the 7th grade, Dad was asked if he would consider moving to Quito, Ecuador to be the Director of The Bible Institute of the Air----the missionary radio station HCJB (Heralding Christ Jesus' Blessings). That is where I met my future husband---and the rest is history! My younger sister married a guy from our class and they returned to Ecuador, raised 6 children, and they are still there. One of their daughters returned to Ecuador after college---she and her husband are missionaries in Shell Mera, at the edge of the jungles. Her husband teaches at the Nate Saint Memorial School. Hugs! Helen

LeAnne said...

Well, the Lord certainly has blessed you & your family....thank you for sharing this and for spreading the Word! The seeds that you and your family have sown are sure to come to fruition and keep on growing! Praise Him!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention this: Be sure to look up Steve Saint on the internet. He has posted several videos---some of his post-injury days, too. He has recently handed over the reins of ITEC to one of his sons. That is an incredible ministry as well. Steve invented a flying car that could drop down into the jungles and lift out indigenous people from all over the world in order to get them to medical help. Let me know if you do not find a copy of his book "End of the Spear" either at your church or a Christian bookstore. My email is:

Yes, Praise the Lord for so many things! That is my feeling each day----my daily prayer is that God would give me an opportunity to speak up for Him. I have been given many miracles to know confidently that God has more for me to do! Have been through back surgery after my spine collapsed and I was reduced to a wheelchair but could walk again after the surgery---had to wear a body brace for 5 months, but I was able to get back to teaching ladies at our Spanish church just a week after getting out of the hospital; was diagnosed 2-1/2 years ago with esophageal cancer so advanced that they gave me 2 weeks to live (had a PET scan to see if I was operable---the scan showed that miraculously the cancer had not spread, or perhaps I was full of tumors and God took them away before the scan); had the surgery and was declared cancer-free; each month with follow-up endoscopies I continue to be cancer-free; in May, endoscopy #18, I am still cancer-free and was told "See you in a year!" What great words to hear---thank you, Lord Jesus!; last fall I actually died 4 times on a September Sunday---my doctor husband knew I had "fainted dead away" even before he felt for my pulse because my body made all the noises and swoosh sounds that a body makes before dying---when Jesus opened my eyes sometime later my husband was bawling and his tears were all over my chest----he told me "Stay with me, I cannot possibly go on without you! Your heart rate right now is so dangerously low at 22 that I don't know how you even know me." I died again in the ambulance, then Jesus opened my eyes, died again as they arrived at the hospital, don't remember being wheeled into the ER, but when Jesus opened my eyes once again, I saw my husband's face about 2" from my nose, bawling and telling me "They have done everything medically possible and they can't raise your heart rate!" I told him that "I am at peace because I know Jesus is right beside me holding my hand. I am not going anywhere unless God calls me Home!"; surgery had to wait until the next a.m. because the doctor needed a baseline report of how my heart worked without any medications on board---no beta-blockers or diabetic medicines, etc.; a pacemaker was implanted the following day and is working great! My doctor told me "You are now battery-operated!" My reply "Yes, but God is in control of sending each signal to my heart!" PTL! I had to wear a sling on my left arm for 6 weeks until the wires were firmly cemented and healed into my heart----but 2 days later when I was released from the hospital I was at church playing the piano for the service. For the left hand, just a few notes right in front of me because of the sling, but no restrictions for my right arm! The next night I was able to teach my class for the Spanish ladies without interruption. Why do I mention all of this? To show that God is an awesome God and the Healer of all Healers! I have been given miracles and definite signs that I have more time to continue in ministry with my husband at our church. All to the Glory of God! Hugs! Helen