Thursday, December 12, 2013

LIM149 and Asking for Help!


Happy Thursday, everyone!  We are hunkering down in these frigid temperatures here, which is keeping the snow on the ground!  I don’t think it’s going away any time soon!  Today’s card is for the Less is More challenge this week, which is one color plus a metallic.  I really struggled with getting a good photo of my card….the silver embossing reflects all light, so I finally got a halfway decent one in front of my window:

LeAnne Pugliese WeeInklings Wonderful Blessing Christmas Card Stampin Up

I embossed the image in silver on brushed silver paper and mounted it on a Soft Sky base; I also stamped the sentiment in Encore silver as well, and added a silver glimmer star:


Honestly, it took much longer to photograph than to make!  Now….I need some help from my dear readers!  I am hoping that someone will be able to help me find the little girl on this card:


I had this image saved in my “vintage” folder a few years back, but when I got a new computer last year, I lost her!  Does anyone know where I can find her again?   I have searched my usual vintage sources, but am coming up with nothing.  If anyone has a clue, send me an email please!!  My address is at the upper right sidebar.  Thanks in advance!

And now, the last of the cubbies:



Yesterday, Cassidy locked herself in the bathroom…..I was on the phone with DH getting directions in case I needed to remove the door, when she unlocked it and let herself out….PHEW!  Needless to say, when things got very quiet and the door was shut again, I flew in to see what was going on:

Dolly was getting her hair washed……


with hand soap:


and Cassidy’s toothbrush…..oh boy!  Good thing we have two!


Enjoy your day!


Lisa said...

LeAnne your first card is STUNNING!! What a beautiful image!!! And I can see why you want to find the image f the little girl again, she's so sweet. You must have been in a panic over Cassidy, so happy all was well!

Linda Callahan said...

That silver image is beautiful stamped on the Soft Sky! Glad Cassidy escaped!

Nancy B said...

I love your use of all the silver! Simply beautiful!
Cassidy is a stitch. Lots of luck in her teenage years. She seems to be very smart and too clever for you! She reminds me of myself when I "found" a pair of scissors and gave my precious Ginny doll a haircut. My mother rushed over to NYC Macy's and bought a wig for the doll; I hated that wig! Just saying...enjoy her every moment.
Did you try looking at The Graphics Fairy? I will bet they can find that gorgeous pic for you. Nancy B

jengd said...

Love your silver on silver- lovely look! Good luck with the image and I'm glad the "lock-in" didn't turn out to be more than an unexpected toothbrush bath. :)

Patti said...

Your card is so lovely LeAnne. Simple yet perfect. Cassidy must have wanted her dolly to have some privacy; scary for grandma thought.

Frenchie said...

Ms LeeAnn , your cards are BEAUITIFUL like always,
Don't you have that little girl already but , life ????
Hugs to both of you !

Kristie Goulet said...

LeAnne-your first card is stunning! Love it!

Your photos of Cassidy are adorable! hee hee

Shelley Germann said...

I used google images and found a copy here:

Don't know if this is the source you are looking for!

Shelley Germann said... are not going to believe this! I have a book with this picture in it! While I was doing a search for you I saw the book I own...there are several cute images in there.

Darlene Gabriel said...

Gorgeous card LeAnne. The Nativity scene looks beautiful embossed in silver. The little girl image is adorable and that is another beautiful card. I hope you can find "her" again.
You must have been in a panic when Cassidy locked herself in the bathroom. I'm glad nothing serious happened. The pictures of her are so cute....a toothbrush to wash Dolly's hair funny. What will she think of next?

Chrissie said...

Gorgeous LIM card LeAnne!
Thanks so much
Less is More

Denise Willerton said...

Love your card LeAnne I HAVE to CAS this one for sure! and Cassidy, you make me laugh...I get the 'it's too quiet' thing...with all our grandsons, you never know what they're up too!! Enjoy your day :-)

did you find your 'girl' yet???? hope so!!!