Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've Been Tagged--a Non-Stamping Post

Feel free to ignore this post if you are a stamping purist. It is not about stamping!  I have seen this tag going around and it is a fun one!  The tag is to open the My Pictures folder on your computer, open the 6th folder and then post the 6th photo.  I cracked up when I saw my photo.  The folder name is "Bad Cakes".  I am an average baker, but I was having a really bad time baking a cake--so bad, I had to take pictures of it:


Now you might say, "Gee, her oven is so dirty, that's why the cake has fallen in a perfect rectangle in her cake pan." I guess that could be, but I don't think so.  (We have since gotten a new oven, nice & clean!)  To this day, I do not know why this cake turned out this way. 

 fall apart cakeI ended up crumbling up this cake I had made earlier,(which was already crumbling) and "filling in" the center of above cake and icing the whole kit and caboodle!  They both tasted fine, they just would not behave.  And this was supposed to be a birthday cake for a friend!  Bakerella would be so ashamed of me!   (If you have never met Bakerella, you MUST visit her website.  Plan on a couple hours--no kidding!)  Here are six others I am passing it along to:

If you ladies have already been tagged, or don't want to play, that's okay!


Anonymous said...

So, instead of cleaning your oven you just buy a new stove. Nice. Real nice.

Juanita said...

this makes me feel a little bette about my baking. I don't do it a lot, so I am out of practise.

dpkennedy said...

OMG! Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...
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