Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Sympathy

Too many sympathy cards I've had to make lately....I guess I should have a bigger supply on hand.  These were quick and no-fuss since I needed them to go out in the mail right away:














I had these two images already inked on my desk for another project so I went ahead and colored them with markers and a blender pen.  I used some scraps for my backgrounds.  The next one I just let the Urban Garden DP be the main focus, and added a small sentiment centered in the HPH and a subtle gray ribbon in a matching slide:













While I was making these cards, I heard a sound under my table.  I have my cutter on the edge of the table with a little basket underneath to catch the scraps (as you can see, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't!):


Look what was in my basket:


What a look--as if to say, "How dare you disturb me!"  Her furry bum barely fits in there!  Ah, it didn't last long, soon my little Pumpkin was off to find another spot to curl up in! 

Not much time today, if anyone needs info on the supplies, shoot me an email!


  1. I like your cat orange one usually decides to plop down right on my project when I am stamping :) Your cards are great too...

  2. Very nice symptahy cards LeAnne! love the colors and pretty flower stamp!

    One of my cats (Scout) always sits with me when I stamp - I have a quilt laid on top of one of my stamp draw cabinets and she lays there with her head over onto one of the work tables - although sometimes she sits right on top of the table where I have all my stuff spread out!

  3. LeAnne, Pumpkin is a riot!! She cracks me up! Shadow, my kitty, rarely comes into my stamp room when I'm working. She walks through and says hi, but that's about it.

    Your cards are great! Are you using a Stampin' Up! marker for the gray outline around your image? I love how that looks!!

  4. Beautiful sympathy cards, LeAnne. I know they will bring comfort.

  5. Your sympathy creations are beautiful! Your cat is too funny here!! :) TFS!! Hope you have a great day!

  6. These cards are so gorgeous. I always hate having to make these and maybe I should just make a bunch and stick them away for when I need them. Love the cat! Mine get themselves into the wierdest places too! ~chris

  7. You must be a whirlwind of activity when you stamp if you chased the comfy kitty out of the room.
    Great cards, very inspired and serene.

  8. Your cat is a cutie!! Such fun personalities they have... :) These cards are GORGEOUS, but I understand sympathy cards are not fun to make. Love the DP on the 3rd card and hardware... Smiles!! :)

  9. I really like that daffodil stamp. It is very tasteful yet happy at the same time. (If that makes sense! LOL) Great stuff!

  10. Very pretty cards. They are just perfect simple and elegant for the occasion. I never have them on hand and it's a really good idea!

    Last night my cat jumped onto my desk and put her paw smack dab in the center of the flower I just Stickled! It never fails...

  11. Hahahahaha! Reminds me of my stamping helper, Callie! She's always in the middle of things, constantly "helping" me stamp!

    Awe, your kitty looks just like my Emily! Too cute!



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