Saturday, January 21, 2012


This week’s CAS-Friday’s challenge was to make a CAS card only using black and white.  I tossed some ideas around in my head, started to work, and then realized that I FORGOT the “clean & simple” part!  Ooops!  But I still love the look of my card, so I am showing you anyway!!  Here ya go:
I think I would have been okay for the CAS part if I had left off the embossed layers….but they were so pretty with this Fresh Vintage SAB set, I just couldn’t help myself!  Edited to add:  I have had a couple requests about my "double embossing"'s just two layers.  The black cardstock makes it difficult to see the layers, I think.  I did a 4 x 5 1/4" layer with the tulip embossing, and then a little strip of the polka dot embossing, and just adhered it on.  Nothing special!!   I added the “Amour” from Artistic Etchings and did a little stamping on the inside, but left it blank so I can stamp a sentiment when the occasion arises:
Thanks for visiting today!!!  We got a little snow and it’s great to be inside!
How’s this for bed head?!


Patti Willey said...

I love black & white So Jackie O!

Linda Callahan said...

Snowing here today too! And there you go again - all of that beautiful stamping! Love it!

Cheryl M. said...

Oh, I love it, LeAnne!

Lesley said...

I love that set in black! I still think it is CAS. My bed head looks like that right now to get ready for the day!

Linda said...

Oh I love it too. How did you get the dotted swiss inside the SU flower border? That is very cool technique.

ChristineCreations said...

ooo so pretty LeAnne! It has a toile look to it that's so classy!


wow. I tried and tried and I still can't see where you adhered the second layer!

(I can SEE the layer, I just can't see the glue, or bent and roughed up edges, or any crooked corners like on MINE) grrrr

You're SO DARN NEAT in your work!

Carol L said...

Love the card, love the bed head picture just as much! Too funny :)

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard - and seen - Bed Head is Big right now. Love both of these cards - very classy!!
Dona S

Nance Leedy said...

Oh LeAnne! This card is stunning! Love the B&W and your stamping is perfection. Love how you used the strip stamp--just fantastic!

Linda Fisher said...

Black and White is one of my favorite color combo's. LOVE the 'double' embossing look!
Cassidy and I have something in common first thing in the mornings!

Anonymous said...

Hi LeAnne, this is another gorgeous card, thanks for sharing. Please will you share how you got the polka dots only inside the tulip frame?? Very cool technique.
Thanks Jen