Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Totally Random

Well, I totally forgot!  Christine at ChristineCreations tagged me a while back and challenged me to give up 7 random facts about myself.  So you all will probably think they are boring (hers are cute & interesting), but let's see what I can come up with.

  1. I have cold feet.  I take a blanket with me to church from early fall to late spring, and sometimes even in the summer if the air conditioning will be on.  I just can't keep my legs & feet warm in dress shoes & clothes!!!  Or sometimes even with warm socks on!
  2. I love the combination of orange and chocolate together, even as a kid.  I started a tradition with my daughter of getting her a chocolate orange at Christmas--yum yum!
  3. Speaking of Christmas, I have some of my grandmother's glass ornaments that I hang on my tree.  From an objective standpoint, some of them are pretty ugly--faded, spotted; but I still use them because they have sentimental value and meaning to me.
  4. I grew up on a farm and at one point, my dad had a terribly mean rooster.  It would hang around the yard until I came out the door to go to the bus stop and then it would run & peck at my ankles.  I was terrified of it; my dad finally had to "dispose" of it.  This is a favorite family story, by the way!
  5. I love to square dance.  Before I met my husband, I belonged to a club and danced every week.  Now I just stamp.  I still love to dance; he doesn't.
  6. Blue is my favorite color; growing up, it was orange.
  7. I went to school for Fashion Marketing, but my longest-lasting jobs were all in the automotive industry as a bookkeeper.  Go figure.

Now, if anyone else wants to play, be my guest!  I have too many blog friends to tag everyone, so if you feel like opening up & revealing 7 random facts about yourself, have fun!

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Kim said...

So I went to school for Fashion Merchandising. Must be why we love playing with pattern paper, ribbon, etc. Where did you go to school? I went to Harcum Jr. Collelge and University of Delaware.