Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Vintage Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!  I wish you all lots of love!  I wanted to share a few Valentines with you; this post is a bit photo-heavy, so bear with me!  These first three are ones I received in the mail so far!  The first is from my upline, Pennie:


And this fun one is from my sweet friend, Sandy:


And a special one from my DGD Cassidy!


And most of you know that I love all things vintage!  These are just a few of the Valentines I was able to obtain when my dad’s cousin Jeanne passed away a few years ago.  These are in pretty good condition, and we think they are from the mid-1930s or so.   A lot of them have interactive pieces, like these bears, whose eyes switch back & forth:



And this one, with a little fan that moves (although I am not sure what the appeal of a painted donkey behind the fan is!):


This Victorian-style has three panels and is in gorgeous condition…check out that crepe-paper flower in the front!  The price on the back said 10 cents!


Animals are always a fun subject:


I love these kittens:


And I just love these hot pink “wooden” Valentine friends!



There are at least 30 or 40 in the group!  A real treasure! 

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the latest Paper Players challenge too!


debra Last said...

Precious vintage cards! So pricey in the antiques stores too! Thanks for sharing part of your treasure trove.

stampwithsandy said...

Happy Valentines day and thank for the shout out, LeAnne! I LOVE these vintage Valentines. What a treasure is right! I can see you smiling as you go through them, totally your style! Guess which one is my favorite?

Mrs. O said...

Love those vintage Valentines, and the new ones, too. I remember buying a package of Valentines when I was a youngster. They came in all sizes. Always gave the biggest one to my best friend. Ah... what fun memories. Hope you share more of your vintage Valentines, if you "wooden" mind!

Lisa said...

Terrific cards from your friends! Thanks for sharing some from your vintage collection, what a treat!!

MarvA1ix said...

The vintage Valentines are adorable. Takes me back in time. I remember how excited we'd get with mom would give each of us a beautiful valentine, often something like the beautiful 3d one. We had so much fun making Valentine boxes for school, and sharing cards with our friends. (I also remember that you didn't have to give to everyone in the class, so some children were more fortunate than others, which was hurtful, and I am glad that most teachers insisted that everyone that brought cards gave a card to everyone in the class.) Happy Valentines Day to you :)

Claire Broadwater said...

HAPPY Valentine's Day, My Friend! I LOVE all your Valentine cards. The one from Cassidy is precious! The vintage ones are just fabulous! XXXXX

Joanne James said...

What a fab set of cards, especially the vintage ones! Thanks for sharing - hope your Valentine's day was a fun one!

I Card Everyone said...

LeAnne I love your cards, and that you stopped over to 'visit' - just wanted you to know how these vintage Valentines make me smile... adorable!!!
=] Michele