Friday, September 28, 2012

Shabby Ribbon Tutorial

I’ve had several people ask about how I make a shabby, vintage-looking ribbon and bow like the one on these projects:


It’s really easy, so I threw together a few photos to help you along the way.  In these shots, I used Stampin’Up!’s Rose Red seam binding, but I have also used store-bought steam binding as well. (I haven’t tried it with any other kind of ribbon---it needs to be the seam binding, as it is soft enough to crinkle!)  Pull off a good yard or so (or more if you want to do a whole supply of it---might as well!), and let’s get to work:








Easy as pie!  Much faster than my old method of heating it in the oven!!!  You can make as few or as many loops as you want; this one only has two on each side; and trim your tails to the size you want too.  I have found that a hot glue gun is the best way to attach them to your project.  You can also add a button, brad or charm to the center.

I have dyed white seam binding with SU inks; it is a little messy, and you have to experiment with the dyes as you may not get as dark a color as you like, or you may need to mix colors.  Just dilute the dye with a little bit of water in a baggie or on your silicone craft sheet and mush the seam binding around until it is all saturated (remember tie-dying?).  I like to squeeze out the excess using a paper towel wrapped around my seam binding, remove it from the paper towel,  and then proceed right to the microwave.  Have fun!  Here’s another project I made a few months ago:


And a few more swaps from the meeting last week:

From Kathi Davis:


From my downline Kathy Kelly-Borowski:


And from my downline Laura Chambers:


Wonderful cards!

Playing with my great-nephew Trent in his sandbox at Uncle Raymond’s!!!



Enjoy your day!


Sherry Eckblad said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. I never thought of using the microwave for drying the seam binding. It sure is a lot faster than just waiting for it to air dry.

Stacey Schafer said...

I have a lot of people ask me about the seam binding, too! I'll send them your way to see your fab tutorial:). Beautiful cards, LeAnne!

kat said...

YAY! Finally an explanation from someone on making the shabby ribbon! I tend to be a clean-lined kinda card maker but want to try shabby; your tutorial will make it easier for me and I appreciate it! Also, thanks for the continuing pictures of Cassidy; she's such a delight! I love the 'sand box'; never saw one made from a giant tire but, then again, I'm a bit of a city girl. haha

Linda said...

Great tutorial. That is very very helpful.
Love the pictures of the fun in the sand. They are playing very nice.

Frenchie said...

Thank you soo mush Ms Leeann, I always wonder how you did that !! BEAUITIFUL !!
And Ms Cassady she just so cute , got my husband loving her too !!
Hugs frenchie
Have a nice weekend ,
Here's my e-mail if you ever need me !!
I never go to my old blog !! Need to do a better one, but don't know where to start !! Lol !

Tracey McNeely said...

Thank you for the tutorial LeAnne. I will have to try that. I am always admiring your crinkle bows! Love yourcards today and thanks for sharing more from your meeting.

Katherine said...

THANKS for the step by step photos! I cannot wait to try this, and also to try to explain to hubby why there is ribbon in our microwave! hee hee! TGIF.

Darlene Gabriel said...

Thanks for this tutorial - you make it look so easy I think I can even try it:) Your sample cards/projects are still beautiful.
That big tire sandbox looks great and I can see that Cassidy and Trent agreee.

Betty Benton said...

Great tutorial -- you really do make it seem easy! Loving that giant tire sandbox -- the kiddos seem to love it too!

Denise Willerton said...

Thanks SO much for this LeAnne...better get back to my packing!!!

lisa808 said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Your card is gorgeous.

Bev Gomez said...

OMG LeAnne, you are the bomb! Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial that seems so easy. I truly appreciate it as your shabby bows are always so stinkin' darling. The cards and projects are all beautiful. Thanks and I love how Cassie always turns for the picture.
Hugs, Bev

Lee Ann Barrett said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I have wanted to achieve this look!

Jen Timko said...

I have played around with this and never gotten the results I wanted. I was missing the heat step. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

Amy O said...

Jen Timko steered me to this post for how to tie a beautiful shabby chic bow. Mine always turn out so bulky, but I think your way of doing it will be much better. Off to try it... Thanks for sharing this, LeAnne!

I Card Everyone said...

Well would you look at that!!! LeAnne, you are amazing - thanks so much for this share!!!