Wednesday, December 17, 2008

32 Christmas Trees

So many bloggers are showing their beautiful Christmas trees in their beautifully decorated houses.....well, you're not going to see that here! I mean, look at that crooked little tree--it looks like it is going to fall over! So if you want to see some neat trees, my friend Barb at Paper Pursuits, has 32 Christmas trees in her house---can you imagine? 32 trees!!! She gave me permission to post her link on my blog so you can enjoy all of them without leaving your seat! So have a look:
Barb's Christmas Trees
I don't have anything to post today as I have been busy shopping and baking--maybe tomorrow!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to the 32 trees, what a site! I can't belive all the pretty trees. Your tree is very pretty too! I wish we had room for a tree ours is super tiny.

  2. LeAnne it's a beautiful tree!

    I also wanted to say thank you for the beautiful sympathy card I really appreciate it :)


  3. I love your tree LeAnne! It's darling!

    Thanks for sharing your friend's site! Wow! Which ones are your favorites? I loved the Red Hat Society and the Those Were the Days one (mostly because I am a bubble light freak!) They were all absolutely awesome!

  4. I refuse to go to a blog that features 32 Christmas trees. Anyone with THAT much time on their hands, and that large a house, is on my crap list. I've got one thin Charlie Brown tree that I have to convince myself I love.

  5. HOLY COW!!!! She sure does have 32 trees!! WOW!!!! Nothing is better than a CHarlie Brown Crooked Tree. It is LOVED!!


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