Thursday, December 3, 2015

MM182 For The Birds


Happy Thursday, peeps!  Today’s card is one of those cards…you know the ones I mean.  You get an idea in your head and spend a lot of time on it and somehow, it just doesn’t pan out the way you’d hope it would, but you’ve spent so much time on it, you can’t bear to throw it away…..yeah, this is one of those cards (sigh).  I was happy to see that “birds” were the theme of the Merry Monday challenge:

Isn’t he a cutie?  Well, don’t go looking for him on my card….not there.  But, here it is, nonetheless:

LeAnne Pugliese WeeInklings Happy Scenes Jingle All The Way Christmas Collage Stampin Up

I am not sure which is the worst….the droopy-looking “icicles”; the family silhouetted against the screaming red “wallpaper”…or my poor little bird all alone on the windowsill:


Nah, he’s probably the best part of the whole card!  I do love the background too, but it maybe should have been saved for a different card…..oh well, I like the inside:


I used a bunch of retired sets here, so if anyone wants to know what’s what, just email me!  I think I might hang up my stamping hat if my mojo doesn’t return soon, LOL!

For lunch yesterday, Cassidy was eating a take-home salad from her dinner the night before…


She pointed to the ranch dressing at the bottom of the cup and said, “Look, Grammy!  A uvula!” 


Oh my goodness…how does she come up with these things?  Yep, looks like a uvula to me, too!  Now, with that image in your head, enjoy your day!


jengd said...

A uvula? Honestly? I'm with you- where do they come up with these things?! :) Ok, I'm honest- the icicles are a bit droopy :) but I really like the family against the screaming wallpaper.

kel said...

lol this post made my day. not at your expense:) but i totally know the feeling of working on a card and being like omg this still sucks! yours really isn't awful by the way, but i loved your analysis:)

mudmaven said...

Uvula? Where in the world do they learn these things? My grandson is 7 and he comes up with some doozies too! I also like the family against the "screaming red wallpaper" and am sending best wishes for the return of your mojo - been there, done that, hate it too! ~chris

Lorraine said...

Looks like the glow from a warm fire to me. Really not bad at all. And what an observant little one. Not many grown-ups I know know what a uvula is!

Debbie Henderson Debbie's Designs said...

Love how you used the sentiment on the window box! And your little story today is cute! Thanks for playing Merry Monday!

Lisa Elton said...

Well, that would be some crazy wall paper to live with!! It's still a terrific card LeAnne and the little bird is a cutie!! Kids to say the darndest things don't they LOL!!

Bonnie said...

LOL, Cassidy is so precocious! Love the cardinal on the window sill! I need to get out that silhouette stamp again. Thanks for the reminder. And I love that background stamp! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday!

Kristie Goulet said...

Cassidy is too cute! Love the different elements on your card. The background is awesome as well as the silhouette stamp. Thank you for sharing with us at Merry Monday!