Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stampin’ with Kay

I don’t have anything to share with you today that I made, but I did want to share some photos from a little stampin’ session I had with my 8-year-old friend Kay!  She and her family go to my church and she always told her mom that she loved the cards I sent them and wanted to learn to stamp too.  This little girl already has many artistic talents, including drawing and sewing!  She has won ribbons at our local fairs and grange events already!  So now she can add stamping to her repetoire!

Here are some of her creations:






We stamped while her mom had choir practice, so she only got five cards done, but she had a blast!  Glitter, felt embellishments and stick-on ribbons were her favorites!  She mastered punches like a champ too!!!  She is a natural….hmmm, how long before I can recruit her????

Thanks for popping in today!  And here’s a little Cassidy fix too:


LOL!!  Crazy girl!


Sherry Eckblad said...

She did quite good for her first time making cards. Cassidy looks like she has had a little too much sugar or something in todays photo.

carolscards said...

LeAnn, I love when you can teach a young one to stamp... she is a natural, and I think she will be a collage lover. Beautiful! I also love when you talk of Grange, it takes me back when I was a little girl, belonging to Grange also. I once won a national contest for making a banner slogan. It's nice to see that it has survived in some areas. Thanks for the memories.

Getfuzzyfan said...

OMGoodness! Let Kay know she has made some wonderful cards! And I love Cassidy's latest photo. : ) She's so fun. I don't comment often, but I love seeing your daily card creations and Cassidy's antics.

Frenchie said...

Ooh my , she sure did a BEAUITIFUL job , YEP keep an eye on her, she'll be ready real soon !! Good job all of you, and Cassady she is just too cute , and real big and prettier
Love her !! Have a wonderful weekend,
Hugs frenchie ,
Your work was BEAUITIFUL all week long !!

lisa808 said...

How darling! Great job Kay!

Marisa said...

Blessings to you for bringer her to your home to let her play! She is doing a great job with the cards!! Love the pic of Cassidy LOL!

jengd said...

Looks like you and Kay had a great time- her cards are fab! Do I see that you guys even got into 2-step stamping? Nice! As for Cassidy... oh yeah. Wound up in a big way! :)

Patti J said...

What fun! So happy for her, and look what a great job she did! Thanks for sharing the sweet photos, and of course the last one made me laugh out loud! What a ham she is! Hugs...

Carol L said...

Sweet little Kay did a great job with her first stamping lesson! Just look at all those pretty cards.
Honestly, she could play the part of Jen Mcguire as a child - she looks so much like her it's uncanny!
And Ms Cassidy - she's not camera shy at all :) What a cutie pie :)

Kara said...

how fun! And that pic of Cassidy is hysterical!!