Saturday, May 5, 2012

WeeInker Meeting

I’ve been trying to get to post some pictures of my downline/sideline meeting of the WeeInkers that we held last week!    Finally I have a few minutes, although laundry and mending are calling my name!

We had a brief business meeting, then got down to stamping and swapping!  Here are a few pictures of Barb, Carol, Lesley, Kathy, Laura and Shawn:

DSCF0484 DSCF0479 DSCF0480 DSCF0481 DSCF0482 DSCF0483

We also did swaps:

DSCF0533 DSCF0518 DSCF0526 DSCF0527 DSCF0529 DSCF0530 DSCF0531 DSCF0532

Every single one of these swaps was fantastic!  Barb’s had a separate piece of acrylic, diecut like a vase…..Carol’s had pockets and tags---so cute!  Lots of thought and creativity went into each and every one.  And I confess that I get to gabbing and socializing and I didn’t take pictures of all the 3D swap items we had, but I did get one of the tote that I won, made by the clever & fabulous Kathy!  Take a gander at this:


Kathy said the pattern came from the talented demonstrator, Lynn Pratt…..and  it is a wonder of paper, ribbon and brads!!! 

If it looks like we’re having fun,  and you want to too, now is the time to become a demonstrator!   You can sign up with Stampin’ Up! for $99, take advantage of free shipping and you can customize your kit!  Email me if you have any questions!  Then YOU’LL be a WeeInker, too!


Linda Callahan said...

Wow what an amazing group you have! Such a great collection of swaps!

Linda said...

IF I wasn't already a demo, I'd join your team! My upline left the business and I feel like an orphan sometimes! Lucky demo that becomes a WeeInker!!

Great cards!

Linda said...

Oh boy this looks like a lot of fun! Was this at your house? that craft room looks wonderful! Love all the cards! What amazing ladies you have to work with.

dpkennedy said...

wow! That tote is amazing!

Anonymous said...

amazing swaps and stampers