Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Buttons!

First, I have to preface my post with a warning:  this is a little long, and my printer, which is a photo printer, prints the WORST photos in the world.  If it weren’t for the fact that I just bought ink cartridges for ALL the colors, I would throw this thing out the window.  The first few photos I printed (several years ago) were wonderful; then boom….nothing worked; different brands of paper, different settings, nothing.  So this project could have been much better IF I had a better photo printer; suffice it to say, once the ink is gone, so is this printer.  I will gladly take suggestions, if you love your printer; I’d love to hear what you like!

OKAY, that being said, if you were fortunate enough to get a freebie bundle from SU, you might have gotten those big, honkin’ buttons in the Spice Cake colors.  PHEW….what in the world was I going to do with them?  They’re big enough to frame a picture—AHA!  Here we go, and I even used some more fabric:


This little project really is honkin’ cute, and speedy to make,  but unfortunately, it was also difficult to photograph (whine, whine).  I hope you can just imagine it….I tried to print Cassidy’s photos in sepia, after the b&w attempt came out sort of turquoise….not the effect I was looking for.  I tried a couple other things,  finally gave up, went with what I had, punched them out with a 1 1/4” punch and went to work.

I used a narrow strip of Spice Cake fabric, folded the long edges over and ironed them together with some fusible webbing.  I had some matching felt and pinked it into a strip about 10” long and hot-glued the fabric on top.  I found a D-ring (honestly, it’s probably 30 years old) and glued the strip through the ring; glued the photos to the buttons, the buttons to the strip and glued the bow to the top.  Done!

DSCF8062-1 DSCF8063-1 DSCF8064

Enjoy your day!  Remember, if you LOVE your printer, let me know!



  1. Awesome project LeAnne!
    This will be CASE'd for sure! TFS!

  2. Bad printer - good printer, I am not knowledgeable about them. BUT what I can tell you is this project is just stinkin CUTE! Cassidy being the FIRST CLASS model for all the pics - as usual!

  3. What a perfect project for those honkin' buttons. Cute and a cute model.

  4. This is a wonderful project. I love the pictures. I will be reading the comments because I do not like my printer at all!

  5. I like my printer for all that it does! But then, there is something I wish it would do and doesn't! So, yes and no to the question about the printer! As for your project, IT IS ADORABLE, and so is your model!! LOVE them both!!

  6. Have you aligned your print cartridges?

    Good luck....hope that works!

  7. So precious! Great investment of time for the future. ;)

  8. I think the project turned out marvelous!
    I have a HP 4100 and am very happy with it. I don't print a lot of photos, but when I have they have turned out OK. I use it mainly to scan and print, but it can fax too. I used to always buy $100 printers, but this one was a little more, it has also lasted a lot longer :)

  9. Adorable in every way......I remember when pictures were only black and white and came bound together with a spiral edge from the drug store :)

  10. What a great project! And you have such adorable inspiration.

  11. What a cute project.. With such cute photos...

  12. Hi LeAnne, I have a Canon Pixma MP560 which I love, one of the features I love is you can load the heavier paper such as cardstock from the back and therefore it doesn't roll around inside the printer which is how I broke my last one. You can also get the cartridges re-filled.
    Glad to see Cassidy is on the mend.
    Rene from OZ xo

  13. Great project. Love the photos in the buttons. Very creative.
    I have just bought an HP Officejet Pro 8500A All-in-One and I think it prints photos very good. I had the HP Officejet Pro L7685 before that, for about 6 years and it was great for photos and documents as well. I also have a smaller HP Photosmart D5460 and it prints great photos. Hope this helps.

  14. Gee LeAnne. I wish you'd stop ignoring your granddaughter. It's plain to see you don't pay enough attention to her. Shame, shame. tsk tsk tsk.

    Do you have any idea how much she looks like YOU????

  15. Love your p[roject LeAnn and the pictures of Cassidy!

  16. I love your project, and I highly recommend Canon printers. Mine is a Canon Pixma MP970, but it's a few years old. DH has a Canon Pixma too - all-in-one, don't know the model number. But it prints GORGEOUS pictures and he's a real photo buff and he has a fancy digital SLR camera, so if he thinks it prints good pics, it really does! We also use only Canon paper with it.

    Hope this helps!

    Love watching your little granddaughter get bigger - how old is she now? My little granddaughters are 3.5, 2, 6 months and 4 months. The two oldest and the youngest are in the same family. I see each family one day a week and it's so much fun, but they sure keep you on your toes!

    moot96 AT aol DOT com

  17. This is such a great project for those Ginormous buttons! I will definitely be recreating this.

  18. Such a cute project! I've been using Epson printers for about 8 years now and have loved them. Per the cost and quality, can't beat them. I will say, I did go on the cheap one time and used a refill kit and it was ok until I switched back to the Epson ink. I think there was a bad reaction between the inks. After that, we made do for awhile and purchased an Epson Stylus CX6000 and have loved it. All-in-one and the thing hasn't given me a bit of trouble. If I'm looking to do a ton of prints I just do some quick uploading and coupons to either Walmart or the local drug stores. I had a pic printed from phone today that looked great, I was pretty darned surprised!


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