Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awry Christmas Card


Oh, this poor Christmas card had so much potential!  Unfortunately, I was working in late afternoon light, too lazy to turn on my desk lamp and after I photographed it and began this post, I realized my greens are NOT matching…..oh dear:


Oh well….I am posting it anyway!  I missed posting my Christmas card from last week so I thought I had better get back on track!  I used some Brenda Walton chipboard pieces and some scraps from my pile to make a little vintage card.  It’s really  pretty IRL, even if my greens don’t match!

I had my kitchen cupboard rearranged a bit yesterday:

Rearranging the Cupboard


Enjoy your day!  If you have any questions about the card, shoot me an email!


PatsyB said...

Why is it that no matter how many wonderful toys you buy the kids, pots and pans remains one of the best thing they can play with??? Why don't we just buy them a set instead of all these toys?? Love the pics!

Ann Schach said...

I think the card is gorgeous, LeAnne! No wait...I probably need to check it out in real life, so you can just put my name on this one! LOL And pots and pans make the best toys..and musical instruments!


OMG!! You made an error on a card!!! Now there's NO help for the rest of us!

When I was pregnant back in the dark ages, I read a book outlining what to expect at certain ages. Believe it or not, but there was an entire chapter dedicated to the STAGE where an infant will start picking up pots and pans and will SCRATCH the bottoms of them!

I was amazed when, at THE age, my daughter was caught pulling pans out of the cabinet and SCRATCHING her little nails across them.

I can't remember WHY this was such a biggie in the book, but there was a true reason for it.

If I would dare mention that particular "stage" this enlightened age, I'd be looked at weird.

Lesley said...

I actually love the mix of greens...this is really pretty and those chipboard pieces are so beautiful...I had a giggle at the pots and pans shots...too cute.

Elaine M said...

whether the colors match or not, that's still a beautiful card! Ms C's pics reminded me of my oldest - if it ever got quiet (and you know the feeling when it does) I'd find her inside the cabinets - just sitting there in her own little world. Mercy, where did the time go?! Hugs

Cheryl M. said...

Your card is dreamy.
And got to love it when children discover the pots and pans!!!

Linda Fisher said...

Oh my!! Beautiful Christmas Card! I LOVE Brenda Walton! She has some of the most amazing paper and embellishments!
Cassidy is certainly enjoying herself...I have done that many a time with my own kids!

Patti said...

Stunning card. Anyone who blogs comes up against that same thing every once in a while; it certainly doesn't affect the beauty of the card. Seeing adorable Cassidy among the pots and pans brings a smile to my face. Many, many moons ago I found my older son doing the same thing. I am amazed how well these little ones handle those sometimes heavy pots!!