Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yo Ma!


I’ve been hoarding my SU Candy Cane Christmas fabric, just like I hoard DP!  But I had an idea swirling in my head and a new pair of Dollar Store stretchy gloves, so I made some fabric yo-yos, added a button and tacked it on to my gloves:


Truthfully, I didn’t think about the STRIPES not looking so hot made into a circular yoyo, but oh well.  I’ll maybe try the polka-dots on another pair!!!  LOL!  Sorry I didn’t have any “hand models” on which to photograph these….but how about this tiny little hand:


She sweetly took a nap while I stitched these up…..really, they took no time at all!  Thanks for lookin’ and have a blessed weekend!


  1. The gloves are cute, but OMG, that hand is so precious! I long for grandbabies....none in the near future (very sad face here). Great project!!!

  2. BRILLIANT! I love the yo-yos on the gloves. You are so clever and the stripes look great. They remind me of the peppermint hard candies and the swirl that goes around them. Perfect idea.

    And those tiny fingers....beautiful!

  3. OH!!! Her little hand just melts my heart!!!

    What a fun idea for the gloves - the fabric is so festive!

    Patti - I'm with you - I'd LOVE to have grandbabies but all I get are puppies - sigh. Thank goodness LeAnne shares her little angel with us.

  4. These are fabulous. What an easy gift that would be for a friend.

  5. Cute idea for the gloves, and great photo!!!

  6. love, love, love the striped yo-yos! And with the big buttons they are just the most cheerful gloves ever! Cassidy's little hand is heart-stopping. Such innocence. Hold on tight! :-)

  7. Send 'em to me.... I'll model them for you! :) Very cute!

  8. Just found you, love your work as well as that super cute little baby. I was blessed with my first grandchild 19 months ago. He has gone from a "Snuggle Bug" to a Wiggle Worm and now a Streak of Lightning. They grow much to fast. Enjoy each day.

  9. Oh, what a cute idea! Love the decorated gloves!


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