Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lazy, Crazy Days of.....

May! Okay, I know those are not the right words, but that's how I feel today! I delivered floral arrangements for Mother's Day today and mom's family has been in the floral business for years and now my cousin has taken over the business. My daughter inherited the flower-arranging gene as she is also a floral designer. Me--I just know how to drive and deliver!!! So I have nothing to post today, EXCEPT some awards that have been given to me and, lazy me, I never passed them on! Shame, shame!

LemonadeAward This little fun one was from Andrea and Carol.

Top 10 Favs award And this one was from Beth!

Thanks to all of you! I am so blessed by your thoughtfulness!

Okay, now to pass these on to a few creative gals! I will let them decide which one they want! Here ya go:

So you know what to do---pass them along!!! Have a lovely Saturday and hopefully I can have some stamping time on Mother's Day!


Deb Neerman said...

Wooohooo ... how nice of you! Thank you so much!

I'm thrilled that you visit me and enjoy my warped sense of humor. I think ... LOLOL!

I'm honored to accept this from you and I'll be happy to pass it along ... and back ... to you!

Thanks again and have a great weekend. And an amazing, lazy, fattening, and gift-y Mother's Day!


Cindy Malone said...

Hey LeAnne,

Nice new photo on your blog :-)
Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Christina Smith said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!

Juanita said...

Thanks so much!
I really like your new picture, BTW.
You really made my day with this award (and I was having a supurb day!)

sandi said...

Howdy Le Anne and thank you so much for this award, I am totally honored and flattered, and I will pass it on...
I also visited Deb's site, and you're right, she is a riot.

Thanks again.

Meredith said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! My camera is a Canon T1I. It's way to advanced for my photograghy skills but that didn't stop us from buy it!! ;) Plus I already had several Canon lenses. I really like it so far!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award, girl! The last few weeks have been crazy beyond belief so I will get the award posted one day this week! I so appreciate all the nice words you always say and such encouragment you give! Big hugs to you!

Have a great day!

Liza Yon said...

LeAnne (I have known your name from SCS), sorry I didn't notice your comment/award until today! Thank you so much your encouragement, being a new blogger, I really appreciate it. Not to mention that you discovered it, I am so honored. Your cards are beautiful, so glad to get to know you a little better today. Hope you have a good day!
Blessings, Liza