Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a Quiet Day

Today has been quiet, I was able to make a couple cards this morning before I started my chores.  My sister is visiting from SC; her bedroom is my "photo" room, so you'll have to be content to see these photographed on my (very) messy craft table.  Nothing special, just playing with a few new things.....we visited my dad yesterday, and as we were traveling, I was able to put together my new SU stamp sets, and of course, we know how itchy we get to play with them!

The first one uses Love You Much and the new SU organdy ribbon--it is not like the old ribbon!  It has a satin center, and is much heavier and sturdier--really, really nice!


It also uses a new jumbo wheel, Friendly Words, which I stamped and embossed in white.  It complements one of my favorite new sets, Friends 24-7, which I used on this card:


This is such a pretty image, and stamped over top of the filigree element, I just love it even more.  These were really quick cards, as I needed to get them in the mail TODAY....I always do things under pressure, it seems, so there aren't many layers or embellishments.  Both cards used DP from either Prints or Patterns, can't remember which!  The image above was stamped in Stazon black and colored with a blender pen and ink.  TFL! 

On a personal note:  I am having a pity party this afternoon.  I always have a short haircut, but today I tried a new hairdresser--went in armed with a cute photo---and came out BUTCHERED.  I think my DH has more hair than I do.  Honestly, I cried like a blubbering baby in my sister's arms when I walked in the door.  You know how cute Mary Fish's hair is?  Well, that's not it.  I called on the way home, and DH says he'll still love me no matter what it looks like.   And when people say, "Oh, it will grow in!", that is no hair grows VERY SLOWLY.  Really. I thought I was going to throw up it was so bad.  So anyway, I have rewashed it, tried to push it around on my head, but there's just not much there to work with.  So you won't be seeing any photos of me in the near future.  My only consolation is that I won't need to spend any money on haircuts for, oh, the next six months at least!  And I know God loves me for what I look like on the inside, not the outside!  Have a good Saturday!


Kim said...

Your cards are such a nice peak of what's to come. I am waiting to order until tomorrow. Sorry about the haircut. I just went thru this too. You know, we could start a enw trend by wearing lots of different hats!

dasimonds said...

Love your cards...
so very pretty!
embossing looks Great..
will have to get the Friendly
Words wheel :)


Elaine M said...

Oh Hon!!! If it truly is awful, scarves might help. Just to get over the hump, find the busiest store you know, walk in with head held high and go over all the store. By the time your done, it wont seem so bad. Ask me how I know - I think we've all had the "haircut from hell" and have had a good cry. And did walking through a busy store help me - are you kidding - nope!!!

Jetstudio Designs said...

Your cards are just beautiful LeAnne. I just put that set on my wish list and now your making want to order sooner!

I am really sorry about your haircut, maybe it will grow on you and you'll like it?

Have fun with your sister!!!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh, LeAnne!....{{hugs!}}

Your cards are beautiful!

Linda said...

BEAUTIFULl cards - about the hair: been there, done that. So now I have rebelled and just haven't gotten my hair cut in like over a year (and no, my hair does not grow fast, and I shed like a persian).

Anonymous said...

OK. I just finished cutting MY OWN HAIR. I have cut it myself all my life so there's no one to blame but me, and I've never gone wrong yet. Until tonight. Being without electricity, my hair was greasy and flat to my skull. I yanked out the scissors and CUT IT BY THE LIGHT OF A FLASHLIGHT! Now take a photo of yourself, put your big girl panties on and PUBLISH IT ON YOUR BLOG.

mudmaven said...

Oh my - haven't we all had this experience. It's winter - get some really nice warm hats? Sorry I know there's nothing anyone can say that will make it better. Time will do it though I'm pretty sure. Love, love, love these cards! It is so nice to see the new stuff in action - unfortunately my already too long wish list just got a bit longer! Hang in there! ~chris

Barbara said...

Oh, LeAnne, BTDT with the haircut. Hugs!!!

Both of your cards are so sweet!! I love that embossed Friendly Word wheel!!

My lifes inky escape and more said...

How pretty! These both look wonderful! I'm getting a huge order today from SU and can hardly wait!


Janine said...

Just beautiful LeAnne!! HAve fun with your sister.

Anonymous said...

LeAnne, LeAnne, LeAnne,
We love you girlfried, with or without hair! LOL
Now, haven't you always wanted to go strawberry blond or even redder, but were afraid to?! Get a wig and go for it, I double down dare you!
As usual, a stroke of brilliance with the embossed wheel, at first glance I thought it was an embossing folder! Looks fabulous, girlfriend! love, Angela

dpkennedy said...

I am so sorry about your hair! I know how that feels! Really, I do! I have had short hair many times in the last 10 years now and I have had some bad ones! Definitely try some hats though, no joke! Some are so cute! I hate the way I look in them but I love them so much..I wish I could wear them more often! You could try spiking it too...what's your favorite color?! Really, hugs girl!

Your cards are adorable! I love the flower imaged stamped over the flourish-beautiful!

Tammy Hershberger said...

OK, lots to absorb in that post!

LOVE the first card with the white embossing at the top, and that ribbon... YUMMY!

LOVE the second card, but please stop... I'm trying to resist that set!

The hair... been there, done that! I know there's nothing to say to make it better, but I love ya' no matter what! :) (((hugs)))